Ekaterina Larina
Unit/Programme:Semester Programme (UK)
Position:Course Tutor, , AA Visiting School
Bio: Katya Larina architect and urban designer. In 2008 she received a Master degree in Landscape Urbanism from the Architectural Association, London, where she is currently appointed as a course tutor. Katya Larina is a senior architect and lead designer at Gustafson Porter + Bowman. Also Katya Larina is a co-directing a series of independent workshops, in collaboration with such programs like Branchpoint at Summer on Strelka School in Moscow. She has been invited expert and guest lecturer at Strelka School, Moscow, University Greenwich , Architectural Association and Bartlett in London. Katya is a co-founder of the research and education project U:Lab.spb. U:Lab.spb engages in introduction of computation and advanced design methods into urban strategies and architectural design practice. She is urban design consultant has been involved in series of projects of regional development and socio-economic strategies for Russian cities, including few research projects on “Closed cities” phenomenon. In 2012 Katya has been invited to contribute to the Exhibition “ZATO, Soviet Secret cities” Harriman Institute at Columbia University, New York and Oslo Triennale. Also has been commissioned to contribute into international “Dark Ecology” , Slavoj Zizek and other symposiums with her current research on Arctic industrial cities. She is a participant of Venice Architectural Biennale 2004, Landscape Urbanism Biennale Estonia 2011, Moscow Architectural biennale 2009, ArchMoscow 2004, 2010.
Marina Lathouri
Unit/Programme:History and Critical Thinking
Position:AA Graduate School Programme Director, History and Critical Thinking AA Graduate School PhD Programme Director of Studies Supervisor AA Member of the Academic Board AA Member of the PhD Committee University of Cambridge, Department of Architecture Visiting Lecturer University of Cambridge PhD Director of Studies
Bio: Marina Lathouri studied architecture, philosophy of art and aesthetics. She directs the Graduate Programme in the History and Critical Thinking at the AA and lectures at Cambridge University. Lathouri’s research interests lie in the conjunction of history and historiography, design and writing practices, the city and political philosophy. Most recently, she co-authored the book 'Intimate Metropolis: Urban Subjects in the Modern City', published several articles and directed a Research project at the AA which culminated in the publication 'City Cultures: Contemporary Positions on the City'.
Stefan Einar Laxness
Unit/Programme:Diploma 9
Position:Unit Master, Diploma 9, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Stefan Laxness is an AA graduate, architectural researcher and Project Coordinator at Forensic Architecture. He has worked in architectural practices in Paris and London, exhibited the 2017 Antarctic Pavilion in Venice and has researched the changing landscapes of China and Central Asia’s borders.
Franklin Lee
Unit/Programme:Sao Paulo
Alistair Lenczner
Unit/Programme:Technical Studies
Position:Course Tutor - Intermediate TS3, Technical Studies, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Alistair Lenczner, director at Expedition, is a highly experienced architectural and engineering designer. His career has included long spells with Arup and as partner at Foster + Partners. He has been responsible for the design of a wide variety of projects ranging from a dining table to a bus to major stadia and bridges. Significant projects include Wembley Stadium and the Millau Viaduct. In recent years he has been involved in the design of railway station on the new HS2 high speed rail line in the UK.
Lara Lesmes Escudero
Unit/Programme:Intermediate 1
Position:Unit Master, Intermediate 1, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Lara Lesmes is a graduate from the Architectural Association in London and founded Space Popular in Bangkok in 2012 together with Fredrik Hellberg. The practice has since completed built projects both in Asia and Europe and participated in a wide range of international competitions. In 2011 she joined INDA, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok where she was 2nd year coordinator from 2013 to 2016. She has lead a wide range of research projects and workshops in Europe and Asia and has, through design and research studio Tools for Architecture, investigated topics such as masonry structures, spaces of political debate, renewable materials and virtual architecture. In the fall of 2016, together with Fredrik Hellberg, launched Tools for Architecture at the Architectural Association in London where they are unit masters of Intermediate One, exploring experience driven design methods.
Saskia Lewis
Position:Undergraduate Management Committee, , AA Undergraduate School Programme Head, Foundation, Foundation, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Saskia Lewis has taught at the AA since 2001. She has practised in New York, Paris and London and has taught at many schools of art and architecture in London. She is co-author and photographer of Architectural Voices: Listening to Old Buildings.
Jurij Licen
Guillermo Lopez Ibanez
Unit/Programme:Diploma 6
Position:Unit Master, Diploma 6, AA Undergraduate School, AA School
Bio: Guillermo López is an architect (MAIO) and editor based in Barcelona. He combines his professional activities with ac-ademic, research and editorial ones. He has been part of the editorial board of the magazine Quaderns d’Arquitectura i Urbanisme. MAIO’s work has been published in magazines such as Monocle, Domus, AIT, A10, Dear, Interior Design and Detail among others, and exhibited at the MOMA of New York, the Art Institute of Chicago and Storefront for Art and Architecture. Lately MAIO has participated at Venice Biennial 2016 in the Spanish Pavillion, awarded with the golden Lion, at Chicago Architecture Biennial (2015 & 2017 editions) and co-curated a Weekend Special at the Biennale di Venezia 2014 together with SPACE CAVIAR and DPR-Barcelona. The work has been awarded several times including: FAD Opinion Award 2017 for Architecture, FAD Award 2016 for Ephemeral Interventions, FAD Award 2015 for Thought and Criticism and FAD Opinion Award 2013 for Interior Design; Arquia/Proxima Award 2014; LampLighting Solutions Award 2009; Girona Architects Association Award 2007.
Theo Lorenz
Position:Member of the Graduate Management Committee, , AA Graduate School Programme Director, AAIS, AA Graduate School Interim Head, , AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Theo Lorenz is an architect, painter and media artist. He has taught at the AA since 2000 and since 2008 has been the director of AAIS. Throughout his work in academia, practice (co-director T2 spatialwork) and art, his main interest lies in the research and application of projects through a mediated design process within creative networks.

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