David Illingworth
Unit/Programme:Technical Studies
Position:Course Tutor, Diploma TS4, Technical Studies, AA Undergraduate School Course Tutor, Diploma TS5, Technical Studies, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: David Illingworth is a Chartered Structural Engineer who has worked in diverse design teams to develop a variety of building types. These include arenas, super-tall high-rise, train stations, public spaces, schools, offices, residential and retail. These have been located in UK, North America, Russia, the Middle East and Australia. He always aims to drill down into the fundamentals of the design brief and the client’s needs to provide a focused solution. Often this involves integration of functions and technology to provide efficient solutions.
Anderson Inge
Unit/Programme:Media Studies
Position:Course Lecturer, Media Studies, AA Undergraduate School Intermediate Course Master, Media Studies, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Anderson Inge practices architecture in London. He trained in both architecture and structures at MIT, and in fine arts at Central St Martins. He has developed a pedagogy for drawing and visualization which he has delivered at numerous architectural firms and universities, currently at the AA and the Rural Studio.
Sergio Irigoyen
Unit/Programme:Media Studies
Position:Course Consultant, Media Studies, AA Undergraduate School Lab Consultant, Media Studies, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Sergio Irigoyen is an architect, computer graphics artist and video game developer, currently leading the department of real-time visualisation and interactive media at Neutral Digital. His main research focuses on video games tools and techniques applied to architectural visualization and design. Sergio holds a Masters in architectural design from The Bartlett. He teaches digital studies at IE university in Spain and Media Studies at the Architectural Association in London.
Platon Issaias
Unit/Programme:Projective Cities
Position:Course Master, Projective Cities, AA Graduate School
Bio: Platon is an architect, researcher and teacher. He studied architecture in Thessaloniki, Greece and holds an MSc in Advanced Architectural Design from Columbia University and a PhD from TU Delft. Apart from his role at the MPhil Projective Cities, he is a currently a Visiting Lecturer at the School of Architecture/RCA, running ADS7 together with Godofredo Pereira and David Burns. He is also teaching at Syracuse University, London Program and Westminster University. Prior to the AA, he taught at the Berlage Institute/Rotterdam, the MArch Urban Design/Bartlett-UCL and the University of Cyprus.

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