Edward Farrell
Position:AALAWuN in the Director's Office AACP
Bio: to be added
Ali Farzaneh
Unit/Programme:New York
Maria Fedorchenko
Unit/Programme:Diploma 8
Position:Unit Master, Diploma 8, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Maria Fedorchenko has been a Unit Master at the AA since 2010, where she has taught at History and Theory Studies, Housing & Urbanism and the Visiting School programmes. She has also held teaching positions at UC Berkeley, UCLA and California College of the Art, since 2003. Primarily an educator and theorist, focusing on diagram and infrastructure, she is also a co-founder of Plakat (a platform for provocations), an urban consultant and a co-director of Fedorchenko Studio.
Relja Ferusic
Jorge Fiori
Unit/Programme:Housing and Urbanism
Position:Programme Co-Director, Housing and Urbanism, AA Graduate School PhD Director of Studies Supervisor, PhD, AA Graduate School Transitional Mentor to the Chair of GMC, , AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Is a sociologist specialising in housing and urban development. Studied in Chile and has worked in academic institutions there and in Brazil and England. Visiting lecturer at several Latin American and European universities, and consultant to a number of international and national urban development agencies.Researches and publishes on urban development and social policy issues.
William Firebrace
Unit/Programme:History and Theory
Position:Thesis Master, History and Theory, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: William Firebrace is an architect and writer. He is author of Marseille Mix, Memo for nemo and Star Theatre, and is currently working on a book on the German periphery.
Angel Flores Sanchez
Unit/Programme:Media Studies
Position:Lab Consultant, Media Studies, AA Undergraduate School , , AA School
Bio: Angel studied Architecture at the ETSAV in Valencia, Spain, including a term at Hokkaido University in Japan an an internship at Shigeru Ban Architects. After graduating he soon specialised in 3d graphics and visualisation, while looking into Game Design on the side. After moving to London, he had the chance to bring those two worlds together and started a career in the realm of real-time graphics and VR. Currently he is the Head of RT and VR at Cityscape Digital. He has a passion for new technologies and how that can influence the way we think and design spaces and he is always excited to share his expertise with other architects or colleagues interested in what he does.
Kenneth Fraser
Unit/Programme:Technical Studies
Position:Course Master, Intermediate TS3, Technical Studies, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Kenneth Fraser has taught at the AA since 2007 and is a director at Kirkland Fraser Moor Architects and D-Lab Community makerspace. Past projects include Rome Auditorium and Padre Pio Church.
Murray Fraser
Position:PhD External Second Supervisor, , AA Graduate School
Bio: Murray Fraser is Professor of Architecture and Global Culture at the Bartlett School of Architecture, as well as Vice-Dean of Research for the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. He has published extensively on design research, architectural history & theory, urbanism, post-colonialism and cultural studies. In 2008, his book on Architecture and the 'Special Relationship' (Routledge) won a RIBA President’s Research Award and also the CICA’s Bruno Zevi Book Prize. His edited books include Architecture and Globalisation in the Persian Gulf Region and Design Research in Architecture (both Ashgate, 2013). Previously he co-created the online Archigram Archival Project, shortlisted for the 2010 RIBA President’s Research Awards, and he is now shortlisted again for the 2016 Awards. He is the General Editor for the fully rewritten 21st edition of Sir Banister Fletcher’s Global History of Architecture (Bloomsbury, forthcoming in 2019).
Wolfgang Frese
Unit/Programme:Technical Studies
Position:Course Tutor, Intermediate TS3, Technical Studies, AA Undergraduate School Course Lecturer, Diploma TS4, Technical Studies, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Wolfgang studied architecture in Stuttgart / Germany following an apprenticeship to cabinet maker and has a masters degree from the Bartlett, UCL. He has worked for well known UK practices including Will Alsop and Atelier One on a number of award winning and international projects. He is currently a senior Architect at AHMM Architects in London.

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