Rodolfo Acevedo-Rodriguez
Unit/Programme:Intermediate 16
Position:Unit Assistant, Intermediate 16, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Rodolfo holds a BA (Hons) in Architecture with First Class from Oxford Brookes University, an MArch in Architecture with Distinction from UCL, and an MSt in Building History from the University of Cambridge. His research in academia, funded in part by The Leverhulme Trust and The Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art, has sought to represent techniques of architectural design from the Late Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. Professionally, Rodolfo has trained at the offices of David Chipperfield, Norman Foster and Richard Rogers, and has since established RRAW, a multidisciplinary organisation intended to engage aspiring designers. A practising etcher-printmaker, Rodolfo also devotes time to fencing and playing the organ.
Miraj Ahmed
Unit/Programme:Diploma 1
Position:Member, , AA Teaching Committee School Unit Master, Diploma 1, AA Undergraduate School Course Master, Media Studies, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: I am an Artist and Architect. Graduating with DipArch (with distinction) in Architecture from Canterbury College of Art, I have worked within a range of award winning practices such as Pierre d'Avoine Architects and Stanton Williams on projects that have been published at home and abroad. Projects have ranged from domestic / residential to commercial, cultural and arts buildings at various stages of development. Many projects within practice have been research based, through competitions and feasibility studies as well as collaborations with artists on public art projects. In parallel to architectural practice, I have pursued a parallel practice as an artist. My interests deal with perceptual themes such as light, the every day and spatial scale – from the domestic to the cosmic. Painting forms the main focus of fine art practice with further site specific sculpture and installation work. I have exhibited at home and abroad in galleries such as Wimbledon and Camberwell Space, Fabbrica Europa, Florence, Dilston Grove, Arte Laguna in Arsenale, Venice (2016) and more recently Koppel Projects Hive, London. The fluidity of practice between art and architecture has another branch in teaching. I have taught in both art and architecture in a number of institutions ; at the AA since 2000, as an Associate Lecturer at Camberwell College of Art (since 2008) and as Design Fellow at Cambridge University (2006-14).
Lucia Nuria Alvarez Lombardero
Unit/Programme:Intermediate 8
Position:Member of the Undergraduate Management Committee, AA Undergraduate School Unit Master, Intermediate 8, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Nuria Álvarez Lombardero (Architect,MA,MPhil hons,PhD) studied architecture at ESTA Madrid, Polytechnic University of Madrid, and holds and MA from the Architectural Association in Housing & Urbanism. Previously, Nuria has taught at the University of Cambridge, Bartlett UCL, TEC Monterrey and the University of Seville. She has conducted research at Harvard University, University of Cambridge and the Architectural Association, funded by the Spanish Government Talentia Grant. After finishing her PhD on the dissolution of boundaries traced by modern urban planning, she has published different articles in international magazines. Recetly she has published the books Politics of Fabrication and Arquitectas: Redefi ning the Practice (Recolectores Urbanos), being the latter awarded in the last XIII Spanish Bienal of Urbanism and Architecture. She has also collaborated in Neutra and La Ciudad Viva magazines.
Sebastian Andia
Unit/Programme:Media Studies
Position:Course Tutor, Media Studies, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Sebastian has high interest in different creative fields and has been growing an international background since his early days as a student. From music and painting, to design and architecture, he has been exposed to different forms of expression, enriching his creative working processes and methodologies. In 2001, Sebastian started his studies in Architecture and Urbanism at the University of Mendoza, Argentina. During his studies he was prized with different scholarships, namely in 2003, to study at the Universidad Anahuac in Mexico City. In 2006, he moved to Washington DC to develop his thesis at WACC (Virginia Tech), USA, where he got his degree as an architect with honours. In 2012, he was granted with MArch II from the AA School of Architecture DRL. Sebastian taught as a tutor of Diploma 17 and Intermedia 16 at the Architectural Association School of Architecture. Currently he is tutor at the Media Studies course at the AA School. Sebastian first working experiences were at his family offices Andia Arquitectos founded by his father and uncle. After other working experiences in the USA he moved to New York to work as Lead Designer at Asymptote Architecture. He was involved in a variety projects, from furniture and product design, interior design, and high rise building to master plan scales with highly acclaimed international status. Since 2012, he joined Zaha Hadid Architects where he has worked on a wide range of projects and competitions in China, North Africa, and the Middle East. In parallel to Architecture he has been developing his art and design work under Sebastian Andia Studio. He has been participating in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in different countries such as Argentina, USA and Japan. He has received different prizes, recognitions and mentions, and regularly gives presentations and lectures about his latest work.
Pierandrea Angius
Position:Course Tutor, DRL, AA Graduate School
Bio: Pierandrea Angius is an Architect and an Educator, specialised in the application of procedural and form-finding techniques at all stages of the design process with an established expertise in the design development of complex and large scale buildings. He holds a PhD in Building Technology and he received his MArch in Architecture and Urbanism from the AA School. He is an Associate at Zaha Hadid Architects and since 2009 has taught at the London Design Studio of the University of Pennsylvania, the Design Research Laboratory at the Architectural Association of London and Politecnico of Milan.
Francesco Anselmo
Unit/Programme:Technical Studies
Position:Course Lecturer - Diploma TS4, Technical Studies, AA Undergraduate School Course Lecturer - Diploma TS5, Technical Studies, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Francesco’s extensive experience is backed by a PhD in Environmental Physics, with a strong emphasis on sustainability, daylighting analysis and lighting design. Francesco is an expert user of lighting simulation and visualisation systems and actively develops computer tools for lighting design, building simulation, interaction design and building information modelling. Since joining Arup, he has been involved in architectural lighting design and daylighting design for a broad range of national and international projects. His strong technical background, programming skills and interest for integration between the human experience of light and the user interface of lighting installations have stimulated a personal research that has led him to the exploration of physical computing, the design of media façades and interactive visual artworks and the application of circadian strategies to lighting design. Francesco’s passion for lighting drives him to explore how light and user interaction can positively influence people’s experience of architecture.
Xavier Aran Aguilo
Unit/Programme:Technical Studies
Position:Course Lecturer - Diploma TS4, Technical Studies, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Xavier Aguiló becomes an Engineer in 1999, when he starts his collaboration with OMA (then BOMA, then BOMAINPASA and current BAC) as structural consultant, becoming associate in 2.001. In September 2007 he opens the branch in Madrid. He currently teaches Structures in the School of Architecture in the European University of Madrid. He is also a structural consultant in the Design Studio subject. He is especially interested in sustainable architecture and singular structures. Among the latter, it is worth highlighting his participation in the design and calculation of singular buildings in Spain and Colombia.
Ana Araujo
Unit/Programme:Intermediate 2
Position:Unit Master, Intermediate 2, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Ana Araujo is interested in the relationship between architectural design, theories of perception and psychoanalysis. She runs a small design studio in Windsor and has lectured and published internationally.
Giacomo Ardesio
Unit/Programme:Diploma 15
Position:Unit Tutor, Diploma 15, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Giacomo Ardesio is an architect at OMA/AMO and a member of Fosbury Architecture, research and design collective based in Milan and Rotterdam.
Xristina Argyros
Unit/Programme:Intermediate 15
Position:Unit Master, Intermediate 15, AA Undergraduate School
Bio: Xristina Argyros is co-founder of Neiheiser Argyros, a London-based multidisciplinary architecture practice with projects in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Greece. Xristina has previously taught in the architecture schools at Cardiff University and Yale University. She received her Masters degree in 2013 from the Yale School of Architecture after earning her Bachelor of Arts and Architecture degree from Princeton University in 2009. Argyros has worked at a number of award winning firms in Europe and the United States, including WORKac in New York City, the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in New York City, and Ateliers Jean Nouvel in Paris. Argyros is originally from Athens, Greece and has lived in Athens, Paris, and New York prior to moving to London in 2014. She is a licensed architect in Greece.

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