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  Date Name Title Run time
view 24/11/2014 AIRBNB Pavilion Home 2014 66 mins
view 21/11/2014 Mark Cousins The Gesture 60 mins
view 20/11/2014 Deborah Saunt, Tom Greenall (DSDHA) Why Architecture must never stand still 80 mins
view 18/11/2014 Giulia Foscari Elements of Venice 65 mins
view 17/11/2014 UniversalAssemblyUnit A Space Animation Studio 67 mins
view 14/11/2014 Mark Cousins The Gesture 60 mins
view 13/11/2014 Vincente Guallart Barcelona 5.0. The self-sufficient city 104 mins
view 10/11/2014 Elia Zenghelis On the Road of the Condenser 122 mins
view 5/11/2014 Jordi Truco, Sylvia Felipe Emergent Technologies and Design Open Lecture 64 mins
view 4/11/2014 Organised by Nannette Jackowski and Ricardo de Ostos Lebbeus Woods: Projecting Realities 111 mins
view 31/10/2014 Mark Cousins The Gesture 60 mins
view 28/10/2014 Alexander Eisenschmidt Chicagoism and the Export of Metropolitan Architecture 59 mins

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