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The Dom-ino Effect

A One-Day AA Symposium

Series: Symposium
Date: Friday 14 March 2014
Time: 10:00
Venue: Lecture Hall
Running time: 438 mins

One hundred years ago Le Corbusier developed Dom-ino, a housing prototype consisting of horizontal slabs and pilotis that reduced the building to its minimum. Never has architecture been stripped so bare. The system – an acronym that combined domus and innovation – never saw production but became an emblematic project of twentieth-century architecture and a precursor to one of the most widespread building systems: the concrete structural frame. Today, however, Dom-ino looms as a representation of our slum-like megalopolis, illustrating the industrialisation of housing construction and the vernacular appropriation of itself as a generic model. Placed within its contemporary urban condition, this symposium investigates the enduring relevance of Dom-ino.


Introductory Remarks

10.30 Francesco Passanti, University of Texas
Dom-ino / Five Points

11.00 Tim Benton, Open University, London
Dom-ino and the Phantom Pilotis

11.30 Peter Carl, Metropolitan University, London
On Dom-ino

12.00 Mary McLeod, Columbia University
From La Maison Dom-ino to Les Maisons Murondins: Le Corbusier’s Housing for War Victims

12.30 Roundtable debate with speakers

1.00 Lunch

2.00 Stanislaus von Moos, Yale University
Dom-ino as Ruin in Reverse

2.30 Marina Lathouri, AA School
Translations in Architecture: From Open Plan to Open System 

3.00 Platon Issaias, Bartlett, London
Tout va bien: The Maison Dom-ino and the Social Contract of Modern Greece

3.30 Justin McGuirk, Strelka
The Dom-ino Tower

4.00 Maria Shéhérazade Giudici
A Soft Story: the Invention of Formless Space

4.30 Roundtable with speakers

5.00 Concluding remarks and drinks

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