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Slovenia DON’T PANIC: AA Visiting School Slovenia, Vitanje 2015, nanotourism, local vs. planetary. The participatory land art installation. The message from Vitanje to the Outer Space, visible from the satellites and intended to feed Google Earth database is referencing Douglas Adams’ novel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Students: Asena Colak, Moritz Benatzky, Tina Čerpnjak, Florian Hummer, Gabriele Pitacco; Mentors: Aljoša Dekleva, Michael Obrist; Co-mentors: Jakob Travnik, Blaž Šef; Photo: Rok Deželak

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Friday 8 – Friday 22 July 2016

Vitanje is an unique small town, neatly integrated into the natural landscape of Slovenia. Here “local” meets “planetary” with the recently erected round building KSEVT,  Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies.

Continuing the previous years’ agenda of nanotourist strategies developed for Vitanje and KSEVT, we will think about, design and make diverse accommodation and experience modules for a newly set-up concept of a diffused hotel for Vitanje.

Nanotourism is a creative critique to the current environmentally and economically unsuitable effects of mainstream tourism. The challenge is how to respond and create locally oriented alternatives through bottom-up processes. Nanotourism aims for smart solutions and innovative design strategies that rely on local materials and social resources.

Participants will engage in site-specific projects in 1:1 scale, where the interventions and social strategies will explore the synergy of the local and the planetary. The course will take place in the KSEVT building, in collaboration with experts from the field of art, science and architecture.

Prominent Features of the workshop/ skills developed
- Slovenia: a compact country in the heart Europe, with a striking, diverse landscape and a population of just over 2 million people. A home of design conscious culture and Ljubljana’s international design biennale (BIO) where contemporary design has been developing for the last 50 years.

- Vitanje: small town situated in the lap of wooden hillsides full of powerful nature. A place where traditional crafts meet contemporary architecture and design through the story of Noordung, the first architect in the outer Space. Noordung’s book from 1929 “The problem of Space Travel” inspires the imagination of the space technologies.

- KSEVT: Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies is an award-winning contemporary architecture completed in 2012 by a collaboration of four architectural offices: Bevk Perović architects, Dekleva Gregorič architects, Ofis and Sadar Vuga architects. The building is housing an exhibition on Space travel technologies and an organization that is developing the cultural Space programmes combining arts, technology and humanism. The building also doubles as Vitanje’s community centre and a museum with a unique r. The architecture of KSEVT is a unique experiment in collaboration of four Slovenia’s leading architectural offices (www.ksevt.eu).

- Process of working: The key teaching agenda of AAVS Slovenia is to research and promote the process of creation that stretches beyond ‘design’. The process is equally as important as the final project/product itself. Workflow essentially follows a bottom-up process of project development, where initially singular elements of research, decision-making and prototyping have to be gradually organized at higher levels of understanding, in order to produce more complex structures and holistic design solutions.


1) You can make an application by completing the online application found under ‘Links and Downloads’ on the AA Visiting School page. If you are not able to make an online application, email visitingschool@aaschool.ac.uk for instructions to pay by bank transfer.
2) Once you complete the online application and make a full payment, you are registered to the programme. A CV or a portfolio is not required. Motivation letter is appreciated.

The deadline for applications is 1 July 2016.

All participants travelling from abroad are responsible for securing any visa required, and are advised to contact their home embassy early. After payment of fees, the AA School can provide a letter confirming participation in the workshop.


The AA Visiting School requires a fee of £695 per participant, which includes a £60 Visiting membership fee. If you wish to enhance your membership, a Subscribing Membership is available at an additional £70 (£130 in total), full details of which can be found at: https://www.aaschool.ac.uk/MEMBERSHIP/JOIN/becomeamember.php

Accommodation in Vitanje is included in the fee.

Fees do not include flights, or other travel. Students need to bring their own laptops, digital equipment, model making and wood working tools. Please ensure this equipment is covered by your own insurance as the AA takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen at the workshop.

The workshop is open to current architecture and design students, phd candidates and young professionals.

KSEVT - Cultural centre of European Space Technologies,
Na vasi 18,
3205 Vitanje,
Slovenia, Europe

Programme Director
Aljoša Dekleva (b. 1972) graduated from Architectural Association DRL (with distinction) in London (2002). At the AA co-founded +RAMTV. In 2003 he co-founded the architectural office dekleva gregoric arhitekti, based in Ljubljana.

Programme Assistant
Jakob Travnik


Supporters and Sponsors


Programme Director
Aljoša Dekleva

Visiting School Director

Christopher Pierce

T +44 20 7887 4014
F +44 20 7414 0782

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