Shanghai Shanghai Visiting School 2017


Intelligent Urbanism

Within the context of China’s unprecedented pace and extent of urbanisation, AAVS Shanghai continues to probe the consequences for urbanism of today’s accelerated technological development occurring within the transition in industrial paradigm.

The particular post-industrial context of Shanghai within the Yangtze River Delta (pop.90m), serves as the AAVS programme’s urban laboratory to explore, comprehend and shape our approach to the 21st century city. Students will be introduced to concepts, skills and instruments with which to harness the complexities of industrial, technological and urban change. Speculations regarding an Intelligent Urbanism will be led by a haptic approach to discovering the (mis-) uses of a diverse array of technological apparatus, including data sensing, capture, simulation and analysis, the Internet of Things, automation, AI, AR, VR, and production hardware targeting materialsation by the use of 3D printing, CNC milling, and Kuka robotics.

Hosted again at the China 3D Printing Museum in the Innovation Belt of Shanghai, AAVS Shanghai targets these agendas and methods with the aim to discover the cultural, social and spatial repercussions of these emerging technologies upon the city. 


1) You can make an application by completing the online application found under ‘Links and Downloads’ on the AA Visiting School page. If you are not able to make an online application, email for instructions to pay by bank transfer. 
2) Once you complete the online application and make a full payment, you are registered to the programme. A CV or a portfolio is not required.
The deadline for applications is TBC.
All participants travelling from abroad are responsible for securing any visa required, and are advised to contact their home embassy early. After payment of fees, the AA School can provide a letter confirming participation in the workshop.


The fees for this workshop will be confirmed at a later date.


The workshop is open to current architecture and design students, phd candidates and young professionals. Software Requirements: Rhino (SR7 or later), Adobe Creative Suite, Maya, Processing.

Programme Head

Tom Verebes is the Provost of Turenscape Academy and the Director of OCEAN CN, based in Hong Kong and Beijing. In 2016, he had held Visiting Professor roles at University of Pennsylvania, RMIT, Singapore University of Technology & Design and University of Tokyo. Former roles include: Associate Dean (2011-2014), and Associate Professor at The University of Hong Kong (2009-2016); Co-Director of the DRL at the AA, where he had taught from 1996 to 2009; and, Guest Professor at Akademie der Buildenden Künste ABK Stuttgart (2004-2006). Verebes has published over 150 books, chapters, articles and project features; has exhibited in over 50 venues worldwide, and has lectured extensively in Asia, Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East.


China 3D Print Cultural Museum, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Xuberance, Shanghai


Programme Head
Tom Verebes

AA QQ Account: 361242585

Visiting School Director

Christopher Pierce

T +44 20 7887 4014
F +44 20 7414 0782

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