Urban Formation

Friday 10 – Saturday 18 July 2015

The AA Shanghai Summer School 2015 will focus on issues related to the unprecedented rate of urbanisation in China, and more specifically on the laboratory of Shanghai as one of the twenty-first-century cities. The legacy of modern models of assembly-based production has given cities today a universally monotonous, generic similitude. Balancing an agenda that pursues both spatial coherence and heterogeneity, and hence the distinctiveness of cities, the programme investigates tools for confronting the prevalence of default spatial and material modes of production. In an intensive nineday studio-based course, clusters of tutors and students will engage with advanced computational design and the materialisation of differentiated serial prototypes.

Students will apply code-based and time-based modelling, morphogenetic generative techniques and physics-based simulation towards multiple, variable and recursive urban and architectural systems.


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Programme Director
Tom Verebes

Visiting School Director

Christopher Pierce

T +44 20 7887 4014
F +44 20 7414 0782

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