Intermediate 9 Henry Ngo, Intermediate 9 (2015-16), Amplifying Noma

Ants on a Shrimp

Christopher Pierce, Christopher Matthews, Amandine Kastler

A number of Oslo's landmark buildings will soon be abandoned as the cultural institutions that occupy them relocate to new purpose-built facilities. Working with a range of Oslo-based architectural offices, Intermediate 9 will re-imagine one building stripped of its identity in this growing 'archipelago of vacancy;. The unit will focus on the Munch Museum (adjacent to the botanical garden), which will soon be relocated to Bjørvika, a neighbourhood undergoing major regeneration. Our explorations will be guided by the last stronghold of place: food. By radically experimenting with what we eat, we'll set out to discover unknown architectural languages and create new layers of building history.

While focused on Oslo, the unit will make 'foraging' treks to Lyngør Island and enjoy a short sojourn or two in Copenhagen. We'll continue working with Noma, and chefs Lars Williams and Hannah Grant will join us in London to concoct experiments in Pascal's AA kitchen. We'll add Oslo-based Maaemo to our roster of gastronomic collaborators, along with Gill Meller and Will Livingstone at River Cottage, and together explore how complex and intricate culinary approaches can translate into phased construction and building life spans. Our long-term partner, Ceràmica Cumella, will provide an extended studio for projects specialising in ceramics.

Our methods of working are based around making and experimenting, embedding films in drawings (animated drawings) and, in essence, building up from producer to plate to building and city. Current questions include: how to de-construct and re-construct with delicacy and lightness? How to emphasise craft while combining relevant scientific techniques? And how to handle time: how long will your project last? How long will it benefit or play a role in the city? Ultimately, when do you plate up?


Christopher Pierce completed his architecture studies at Virginia Tech and gained a PhD at the University of Edinburgh. He has published widely on seventeenth-century drawings, contemporary architects and buildings, and food. His current collaboration with Noma has included a design proposal commission for Noma 2.0 (with Christopher Matthews and Charlotte Moe) and presentation at MAD5.

Christopher Matthews is director of PMA Studio and a graduate of the Bartlett. He worked for James Stirling, Michael Wilford and Associates on projects including the Singapore Arts Centre, the Lowry and No 1 Poultry before setting up PMA Studio in 2000.

Amandine Kastler has worked at OMA/AMO Rotterdam and David Chipperfield Architects and now directs her own studio as well as the AA Visiting School in Lyngør, Norway. She studied at the AA, graduating with Honours in 2010. She was awarded multiple prizes including the RIBA Bronze Medal.

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