The AA's Public Programme consists of an extensive series of public events dedicated to contemporary architectural culture: exhibitions, members' events, lectures, seminars, conferences, book launches and publications. Each year architectural theorists and practitioners, writers, performing artists, musicians and art historians are invited to speak at the AA. Whether as part of the series of Evening Lectures or Visiting Theory Seminars or Artist Talks, these events bring together different parts of the school and form an essential component of an AA education.

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Monday 20 October 2014
18.00 Mega Projects - People and the Place Giles Price Evening Lecture
Tuesday 21 October 2014
18.00 Propositions for things and places / Buildings and their Territories Mark Pimlott, Tony Fretton Joint Lecture Presentation
Wednesday 22 October 2014
18.30 THX-1138 (1971) AA Film Club Dystopic Views
Thursday 23 October 2014
18.30 The Architecture of David Lynch Richard Martin Book Launch
Friday 24 October 2014
17.00 AA VISITING SCHOOLS GLOBAL SUMMIT Chris Pierce, Brett Steele Visiting School
Tuesday 28 October 2014
18.00 Chicagoism and the Export of Metropolitan Architecture Alexander Eisenschmidt Evening Lectures
Wednesday 29 October 2014
18.30 Akira (1988) AA Film Club Dystopic Views
18.00 Class of 1964 Reunion Various Reunions
Friday 31 October 2014
18.00 The Gesture Mark Cousins Mark Cousins Friday Lectures
19.00 Open Plan Dying Ivor Williams / Being and Dying Night School Workshop
Monday 3 November 2014
18.30 2.3 Taming the Southbank Ade Aboaba and Michael Owens Night School Run Club
10.00 The Public Interior Elia Zenghelis Open Workshop for AA Students
Wednesday 5 November 2014
13.00 Emergent Technologies and Design Open Lecture Jordi Truco, Sylvia Felipe Emtech Master Class
Thursday 6 November 2014
18.00 Asnago and Vender and the Construction of Modern Milan Adam Caruso Book Launch
Monday 10 November 2014
18.00 On the Road of the Condenser Elia Zenghelis Open Week
Tuesday 11 November 2014
18.00 Food City CJ Lim Evening Lectures
Thursday 13 November 2014
18.00 Barcelona 5.0. The self-sufficient city Vincente Guallart Evening Lectures
Friday 14 November 2014
18.00 The Gesture Mark Cousins Mark Cousins Friday Lectures
Monday 17 November 2014
18.00 A Space Animation Studio UniversalAssemblyUnit What’s Next
Thursday 20 November 2014
18.00 Why Architecture must never stand still Deborah Saunt, David Hills (DSDHA) Evening Lecture
Friday 21 November 2014
18.00 The Gesture Mark Cousins Mark Cousins Friday Lectures
Monday 24 November 2014
18.00 Home 2014 AIRBNB Pavilion What’s Next
Tuesday 25 November 2014
18.00 The Risk of Realism Reinier de Graaf Evening Lectures
Wednesday 26 November 2014
18.30 F R Yerbury: Representing Modern Architecture Andrew Higgott AA Collections Talk
Monday 1 December 2014
18.30 2.4 Soho Nights Ade Aboaba and Michael Owens Night School Run Club
18.00 Sensual Clarity Flavie Audi What's Next
Tuesday 2 December 2014
18.00 The Robotic Touch – How Robots Change Architecture Matthias Kohler Evening Lectures
Wednesday 3 December 2014
18.00 Longest, Loudest, Spiciest, Scariest Studio Weave Evening Lectures
Friday 5 December 2014
18.00 The Gesture Mark Cousins Mark Cousins Friday Lectures
Monday 8 December 2014
18.00 The Craft of Urban Design, reinvented. Vittorio Lampugnani Evening Lecture
Tuesday 9 December 2014
19.00 Before and After: Documenting the Architecture of Disaster Eyal and Ines Weizman Night School Book Club
18.00 Spaces, situations and places for living Max Kahlen, Chris Dyvik What's Next
Friday 12 December 2014
10.00 Algorithms & Actualisation Organised by Merate Barakat, Elif Erdine, Ali Farzaneh AA PhD Symposium

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