Saturday 28 February 2015
Monday 2 March 2015
18.00 Beton Machine Carlos H Matos & Umberto Bellardi Ricci What’s Next Lecture Series
Tuesday 3 March 2015
18.00 Hidden from History: Royal Shakespeare Theatre Simon Erridge, Peter Wilson and Gillian Darley in conversation, chaired by Denise Bennetts AA XX 100 Lecture Series
13.00 M/Other Tongue Sabel Gavaldon AAaction
Wednesday 4 March 2015
18.00 Hot to Cold Bjarke Ingels Evening Lectures
Thursday 5 March 2015
18.00 Taller de Arquitectura Ricardo Bofill Evening Lecture
Friday 6 March 2015
14.00 Housing London Open Jury Students (Undergrad & Grad) Housing London Lecture Series
Monday 9 March 2015
18.00 Elements of Architecture Rem Koolhaas (TBC) - Note change of date Lectures
Tuesday 10 March 2015
18.00 Urban design from a gendered perspective Zaida Muxi Martinez & Liza Fior in conversation, chaired by Anne Thorne AA XX 100 Lecture Series
Wednesday 11 March 2015
18.00 The Performativity of Matter: Greatest Hits & New findings Zoe Laughlin Evening Lecture
Thursday 12 March 2015
18.00 Architecture’s Present Perfect Alex Lehnerer Evening Lecture
Friday 13 March 2015
13.00 Paperback OS: The Book as Resilient Technology Shumon Basar, Emily King, Jim Stoddart & Thomas Weaver Lunchtime Lecture
Wednesday 18 March 2015
17.00 Fabrication Intelligence Michael Weinstock Embedded Intelligence Lecture Series
18.00 All is Architecture Minimaforms: Stephen Spyropoulos + Theodore Spyropoulos Evening Lecture
Thursday 19 March 2015
18.00 Spielraum – the making of Barkow Leibinger in conversation with Brett Steele, Zak Kyes, Carson Chan and Hal Foster(TBC) Evening Lecture
Friday 20 March 2015
10.00 Plan the Planet – Jaqueline Tyrwhitt and the Formation of International and Global Architecture Ellen Shoshkes, Keller Easterling, Gedeminas & Nomeda Urbonas, Irit Rogoff, John Palmesino, Ann-Sofi Rönnskog AA Think Tank conference
Tuesday 24 March 2015
19.00 Are We the World? – Randstad Holland, São Paulo, Istanbul & Rotterdam Wouter Vanstiphout Night School Book Club
Wednesday 25 March 2015
Tuesday 5 May 2015
17.00 Material Intelligence (NOTE CHANGE OF DATE) Skylar Tibbits Embedded Intelligence Lecture Series

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