Friday 4 September 2015
18.30 Crude Hints, AA Night School at The Soane: The Drawing Office Sam Jacob and Danielle Hewitt AA Night School
Wednesday 23 September 2015
Wednesday 30 September 2015
Monday 5 October 2015
18.00 Experimental Preservation Jorge Otero Pailos Evening Lecture Series
Wednesday 7 October 2015
13.00 Territory – Political Technology, Volume, Terrain Presenter: Stuart Elden Landscape Urbanism Open School Event
Friday 9 October 2015
18.00 AAusterity Birthday Party - Annual Birthday Party
Monday 12 October 2015
18.00 Under Construction Studio Amita Vikrant What’s Next
Tuesday 13 October 2015
18.00 Connective Architecture(s) Ole Scheeren What’s Next
Wednesday 14 October 2015
Thursday 15 October 2015
18.00 Staging Spaces Elmgreen & Dragset Evening Lecture
Monday 19 October 2015
18.00 A Lecture on the Architectural Lecture Sophie Read Evening Lecture
Wednesday 21 October 2015
Friday 23 October 2015
17.00 anon Mark Cousins Friday Evening Lecture
18.00 Loss as Architecture Jonas Dahlberg Art and Architecture: rooms, buildings, peninsulas
Monday 26 October 2015
18.00 The Art of the Prototypical Marc Fornes What’s Next
Wednesday 28 October 2015
Thursday 29 October 2015
18.00 Concrete Action: an opportunity for a more ethical architectural practice? Albane, Sibyl, TBC: Ruth Rendell, CIJ, David Roberts, Igloo, Eyal Weizman Evening Lecture
Friday 30 October 2015
17.00 op. cit. Mark Cousins Friday Evening Lecture
18.00 invisible dead room Gregor Schneider Art and Architecture: rooms, buildings, peninsulas
Saturday 7 November 2015
10.00 Women in Architecture Helaine Blumenfeld, Mary Bowman, Judit Kimpian, Kate Mackintosh, Santa Raymond, Peter Murray and Helen Castle AA XX 100
Monday 9 November 2015
18.00 The Function of Style Farshid Moussavi Evening Lecture & Book Launch
Tuesday 10 November 2015
18.00 20/20 with Ron Arad Ron Arad A Blueprint collaboration
Friday 13 November 2015
10.00 Architecture and Labour Pier Vittorio Aureli, Fabrizio Ballabio, Peggy Deamer, Fabrizio Gallanti, Maria S. Giudici, Peer Ilner, Francesco Marullo, Andreas Rumpfhuber Symposium
Tuesday 17 November 2015
18.00 Natural Architecture and Small Architecture Kengo Kuma Evening Lecture and Book Launch
Thursday 19 November 2015
18.00 Building for need not greed - who are the house builders of the future? Roger Zogolovitch, Richard Rogers (TBC), Nicky Gavron (chair) Evening Lecture
Friday 20 November 2015
17.00 Ibid Mark Cousins Friday Evening Lecture
18.00 The Imaginary Studio Georges Rousse Art and Architecture: rooms, buildings, peninsulas
Tuesday 24 November 2015
18.00 Nadav Kander in conversation with Mark Campbell Nadav Kander Evening Lecture
Thursday 26 November 2015
18.00 The Book as an Object in a Digital Age Sam Arthur, Nobrow Evening Lecture
Friday 27 November 2015
17.00 finis Mark Cousins Friday Evening Lecture
Monday 30 November 2015
18.00 Smart Design Elegance and the Digital Craft Natassa Lianou and Ermis Chalvatzis, LC-A What’s Next
Tuesday 1 December 2015
18.00 In Progress: The IID Summer Sessions Irene Sunwoo, Brett Steele, Nicholas Boyarsky, Grahame Shane (TBC) & Odile Decq (TBC) Evening lecture & Book Launch
Wednesday 2 December 2015
18.00 Weapons of Choice: An AA Media Event Chaired Kate Davies - Speakers TBC Evening Lecture
Monday 7 December 2015
18.00 Practice not perfect TYPE Studio What’s Next

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