Projects Review 2015

AA School 27/6/2015 - 18/7/2015

Monday to Friday 10am-7pm; Saturday 27 June 1-5pm; all other Saturdays 10am-5pm

The AA Projects Review exhibition is celebrated in the AA's main building and Bedford Square garden.

Projects Review offers an overview of the AA's 2014/15 academic year. On display are hundreds of drawings, models, installations and photographs from all the AA's units, courses and departments; documenting the diversity and experimental nature of the AA School.

At the AA architecture is pursued as a form of cultural knowledge, across year-long design projects and portfolios. We believe that truly great schools don't just nurture and support architectural talent, they build audiences for experimentation, out of which new architectural ideas, visions and projects emerge. Please join us as part of this audience, which the AA remains committed to promoting at the cutting edge of architectural cuture, practice and learning.

Projects Review 2015 is part of the London Festival of Architecture 2015.

AA Camera Club 2015

Photographs by AA Students

37 Ground Floor Corridor 26/5/2015 - 17/7/2015

Exhibition open Monday to Friday 10:00-18:00,

The AA Camera Club presents the 16 winners of its annual photography competition in a new exhibition in the Photo Library Corridor

Contact details

Head of Exhibitions:
Vanessa Norwood
T: +44 (0)20 7887 4031

Public Programme



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