Diploma One: AGGREGATE - Micro/macro

Back Members' Room 23/2/2013 - 22/3/2013

Exhibitions are open Monday to Friday 10:00-19:00, Saturday 10:00-15:00, unless otherwise stated.

A map of points, continually plotted in the space of Diploma One.

Diploma One speculates on the emergence of architectural prototypes of an on-going and all encompassing Informational Revolution.

This year we define our playing field - in the between of fibre optic cables, weather simulations and global rituals of digital mourning, capturing glimpses upon the emergence of a third city state in the between of New York and London. This terra incognita is constructed, defined and articulated in the daily occurring overlaps of our digital networks and actual reality. This is the terrain we inhabit in order to conceptualise contemporary ways of living.

The studio is an experiment that is conducted collectively. We construct an information conduit to generate knowledge and nurture diversity through collaboration and cross-contamination of ideas. We articulate these ideas through heuristic spatial propositions that acknowledge emerging technologies while catalysing the occurring changes in our societal, cultural and political realities.

This exhibition showcases the culmination of two workshops held by Denis Vlieghe and Dietmar Koering over the course of a fortnight. We showcase the 1:1 devices, artifacts of coming projects and relics of the emergence of a digital environment seeping into the fabric of urban reality while speculating through large scale prints, the urban resolution and magnitude of the unit's transformative and individual agenda.

Photo: Sue Barr

Contact details

Head of Exhibitions:
Vanessa Norwood
T: +44 (0)20 7887 4031

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Download Events List (PDF)

Download Events List (PDF)

Download Events List (PDF)

Download Events List (PDF)

Download Events List (PDF)


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