AA Library Opening Hours and Loans (Week 11 and Easter Vacation)

Monday 24 March – Wednesday 26 March: open 10-9
Thursday 27 March: open 10-4
Friday 28 March: open 10-7
Saturday 29 March: Library closed
Programme books can be borrowed for the weekend from 4pm Friday 28 March
until 12pm Monday 31 March.

Programme Reservations from 12pm Monday 31 March at the issue desk
Borrrowing of programme books from 10am Thursday 3 April at the issue desk
Maximum of two programme books per person, no interlibrary loan, no normal ‘reference’ books, no tutors' own books
All reserved programme books must be borrowed on Thursday 3 April 
First-come first-served basis from Friday 4 April 
All programme books borrowed must be returned by 12pm on Monday 28 April

Monday 31 March – Friday 4 April: open 10-6
AA Closure Saturday 5 April – Monday 21 April inclusive
Tuesday 22 April – Friday 25 April: open 10-6
Saturday 26 April: Library closed
Normal term-time hours resume from Monday 28 April: Monday-Friday 10–9, Saturday 11–5

Date Submitted: 25/2/2014

From February 2014 architects and designers are eligible to apply for developmental grants to receive funding from the Artists' International Development Fund

These grants, between £1,000 to £5,000, are in place to help fund travel and international collaborations while recipients carrying out professional projects.

The Artists' international development programme is a £750,000 fund. The British Council and Arts Council England each provide half of the funding. Arts Council England manage the programme and decisions on who receives funding are made by a panel comprising staff from both organisations.

The fund is intended to act as a springboard for artists across all disciplines to promote themselves on the international scene. The fund is open to creative producers, curators, editors and artists, as well as architects, fashion designers and designers. Although the programme is aimed at individuals, small groups who normally collaborate ican also apply. This includes musicians and visual artists who usually create work together, or writers and their translators.

For the next round (7), the deadline for applications is 5pm Friday 9 May 2014. Activities must start after Friday 27 June 2014 and end before 31 March 2015.

More information: artscouncil.org.uk/artistsinternational

Date Submitted: 25/2/2014

MA History and Critical Thinking Debate, Friday 21 February, 13:30

Architecture Politics

Moderated by Marina Lathouri and John Palmesino

21 Feb 13:30, New Soft Room

Planning is Frozen Politics

David Knight

David Knight's work explores the processes that create the built environment, and how they can be adjusted by design to increase or decrease spatial justice. He has a particular interest in the planning system as a tool for deciding the future; this is the subject of his PhD at the Royal College of Art, as well as its practice output Building Rights.



Date Submitted: 19/2/2014

Student assistant researcher needed for Centenary celebration of women at the AA: AA-XX 100

A centenary celebration, including an exhibition, conference and publication, is planned in 2017, to mark the one hundredth anniversary of women at the AA (see www.xx.aaschool.ac.uk). A series of smaller events are also planned leading up the anniversary.

We are seeking students to help with research in the Archives, Library, and Photo Library, to build up information on key AA women from 1917. This could feed into website, exhibition or conference content. The role may also involve research for funding applications.

Interest and enthusiasm essential.

Please contact Eleanor Gawne on Eleanor.gawne@aaschool.ac.uk for further information.

Date Submitted: 19/2/2014

State of the Association, 2014 – School Director's 2014 School Meeting

Friday 28 February, 12.30

Rear Second Presentation Space

All students and staff are invited to Brett Steele's mid-year 'State of the Association' presentation, made annually to the entire school. 

This year's meeting includes a review of 2013 activities and results, and the plans and goals for 2014. Included in the meeting is an important review and recommendation regarding a key next step in the school's ongoing evolution and independence – a possible AA application for degree-awarding powers. All students and staff are invited.

Date Submitted: 18/2/2014

CICA, AA and V&A events to mark the occasion of the RIBA Royal Gold Medal awarded to CICA president, Joseph Rykwert.

CICA, AA and V&A events to mark the occasion of the RIBA Royal Gold Medal awarded to CICA president, Joseph Rykwert.

Writing about contemporary architecture is at a crossroad. In the changing media land-scape, the need to develop new critical perspectives has never been more important.

Critical Juncture, curated by Trevor Boddy, Yasmin Shariff and Manuel Cuadra, will enable a gathering of the world's architectural critics to consider the state of their art.

Friday 21st February, 2-5 pm: Architectural Association

Critical Juncture CICA Session - Architectural Critics at the crossroads

14.00-15.00: CICA Session (members and executive) - AA, 33 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES

International presence of CICA:

• UIA World Architecture Congress, Durban
• CICA Awards for books, articles and catalogues
• Venice Architecture Biennale
• Bienal Internacional de Arquitectura de Buenos Aires
New initiatives, opportunities, funding sources
Election of new executive and members at UIA, Durban

15.00-17.00: CICA open session - AA, 33 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES

Michael Sorkin, New York, Architectural Criticism Now discussion with CICA members with special contributions:

• Danny Wiksono, Jakarta, Digital Criticism in an Emerging Architectural Culture.
• Trevor Boddy, Vancouver, Decline of Newspaper and Magazine Criticism in N Ame-rica.
• Rowan Moore, The Current State of Architectural Criticism in London. Rafael Gomez-Moriana, Barcelona, Blogs and Other New Outlets.

17.00-18.00: AA Reception 36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES

AA Reception for CICA President and RIBA Royal Gold Medallist, Joseph Rykwert in the Front Members room followed by an informal supper and networking hosted by the AA in the Dining Room.

All enquiries to: Yasmin Shariff mail@sharparchitects.co.uk


Saturday 22 February, 10.00-5.30pm : V&A Museum, South Kensington, London SW7 2RL


Critical Juncture V&A Symposium - Architectural Critics at the crossroads.

Celebrating the work of Royal Gold Medallist, Joseph Rykwert.

The Lydia & Manfed Gorvy Lecture Theatre
Chaired by Kieran Long
Symposium confirmed speakers include:

• George Baird, Toronto
• Trevor Boddy, Vancouver
• Czeslaw Bielecki, Warsaw
• Pippo Ciorra, Rome
• Manuel Cuadra, Kassel
• Luis Fernandez-Galiano, Madrid
• Kenneth Frampton, New York
• Vittorio Gregotti, Venice
• David Leatherbarrow, Philadelphia
• Patrick Lynch
• Desmond Hui, Hong Kong
• Phyllis Lambert, Montreal
• Louise Noelle, Mexico
• Michelangelo Sabatino, Houston
• Suha Ozkan, Istanbul
• Robert Tavernor, London
• Richard Wesley, Philadelphia

Full details and booking at the V&A Website http://www.vam.ac.uk/whatson/event/3101/date/20140222/

Date Submitted: 17/2/2014

Hooke Park Call for Volunteers

Volunteers are invited to Hooke Park for the weekend 22–23 February to join in some high pruning (the removal of tree branches by pole saw to improve future timber quality).

See website for further details and to register.

Date Submitted: 12/2/2014

Deadline for RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship entries - 28 March 2014

The RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship, generously supported by Lord Foster and Foster + Partners, offers one travelling scholarship of £6,000 to a student of architecture to support international research on a topic and at locations of the student’s choosing.

The topic of the research should however, relate to the survival of our cities and towns and fall under one of the following themes:

• learning from the past to inform the future
• the future of society
• density of settlements
• sustainability
• use of resources
• quality of urban life
• transport

The travel should take place between June-October 2014.

Upon the completion of the travel the student will be invited to present their research to an audience at Foster + Partners in London. A graphic, photographic or written interpretation of their report will also be displayed during the RIBA President’s Medals Student Award exhibition at the RIBA in London in December 2014.


Eligible students:

• must be enrolled in an RIBA or CAA validated degree programmes or in a programme from a specially invited school or architecture centre AND

• must have successfully completed at least the first year of a Part 1 degree.

Each school only can submit one application produced by one student.

How to apply

Each school with RIBA or CAA validated degree courses is invited to submit one application for the scholarship from one of its students. AA students should send a completed application with their name and student number to andrea.ghaddar@aaschool.ac.uk before 28th March 2014 (end of term)

The application consists of:

• one A1 ‘poster’ presented as a pdf file detailing the proposal (topic, objective, locations). Applicants are restricted to 500 words for the poster submission and the file size should not exceed 5 MB. Applicants that exceed these limits may jeopardise their chances of success.

Additionally, applicants may submit video submissions as additional supporting material with a maximum duration of 2 minutes. Contact frank@aaschool.ac.uk if you have video you wish to submit.

Selection criteria & process

The judges will seek to award a student who demonstrates the potential for outstanding achievement and original thinking on issues relating to the survival and the future of our cities and towns.

Submissions will be judged by the panel consisting of:

• Lord Foster
• Stephen Hodder, the President of the RIBA
• Two members of Foster + Partners
• One judge invited by Lord Foster
• One judge invited by the President of the RIBA

Date Submitted: 12/2/2014

Open Jury Work-in-Progress, Friday 14 February, 10.30am

The Open Jury, curated by the School’s Director Brett Steele, is a one-day event to see some of the best work being produced across the school. The work includes examples from the Intermediate, Diploma and Graduate schools.

The primary intention of the day is an internal debate. This School only event will enable students and tutors to wander from room to room to see work in progress in different units and programmes in an intensive and productive day of discussion.

Guest Jurors: Tony Vidler, Michael Maltzan and Medine Altiok


Lecture Hall


New Soft Room


Rear Second Presentation




Guest Juror: Tony Vidler


Guest Juror: Medine Altiok


Guest Juror: Michael Maltzen


Diploma Unit 3


Tutors: Adiam Sertzu, Daniel Bosia, Marco Vanucci


Intermediate Unit 3

Things that Never Were

Tutors: Nanette Jackowski, Ricardo de Ostos


Intermediate Unit 8

Sao Paulo

Tutors: Francisco Gonzalez de Canales, Nuria Lombardero (Moderator)



Diploma Unit 9

The Unbuilt

Tutors: Natasha Sandmeier (Moderator)


Diploma Unit 1

Augmented Exuberance

Tutor: Tobias Klein


Emergent Technologies and Design

Computational evolution of the urban block

Tutors: Mike Weinstock, George Jeronimidis



Diploma Unit 17

Territorial Structures

Tutors: Theo Sarantoglou Lalis, Dora Sweijd


Diploma Unit 2

Inadequate Determinilisation

Tutors: Kostas Grigoriadis (Moderator), Didier Faustino


Intermediate Unit 6

Urban Ecologies

Tutors: Jeroen van Ameijde, Brendon Carlin



Diploma Unit 18


Tutors: Pablo Ros, Enric Ruiz Geli, Felix Fassbinder


Diploma Unit 7

Watching TV

Tutors: Samantha Hardingham, David Greene


Diploma Unit 11

City as Playground

Tutor: Shin Egashira







Intermediate Unit 7

Shadow Cities, St. Petersburg


Tutor: Maria Fedorchenko





1:30 – 2:30 – LUNCH BREAK


Lecture Hall


New Soft Room


Rear Second Presentation




Guest Juror: Michael Maltzen


Guest Juror: Tony Vidler


Guest Juror: Medine Altiok


Design Research Lab

Tutors: Theo Spyropoulos


Diploma Unit 14

Architecture of Housing

Tutors: Maria Giudici (Moderator)



Diploma Unit 16

Cybernetic Regeneration

Tutors: Andrew Yau and Jonas Lundberg




Case Studies

Tutors: Simos Yannas


Housing and Urbanism

The Productive City

Tutors: Jorge Fiori, Hugo Hinsley


Diploma Unit 6


Tutors: Liam Young, Kate Davies



Diploma Unit 10

9 Elms

Tutors: Carlos Villanueva Brandt


First Year

AA School Re-Design

Tutors: Monia De Marchi, Fabrizio Ballabio, John Ng, Shany Barath, Maria Giudici, Max Kahlen



Intermediate Unit 1

Empty Catskills

Tutors: Mark Campbell (Moderator)



Intermediate Unit 2

Bloomsbury and Villas

Tutors: Takero Shimazaki, Ana Araujo


Landscape and Urbanism


Tutors: Alfredo Ramirez, Eduardo Rico


Intermediate Unit 12


Tutors: Tyen Masten, Inigo Minns



Intermediate Unit 13


Tutors: Miraj Ahmed and Martin Jameson (Moderator)







Informal discussion & refreshments in the Rear Second Presentation Room


Date Submitted: 5/2/2014

Term 2 Open Week Lectures and Events

Performance and the City Out of the Black Box: Scripted Spaces, Immersive Theatre and Event Productions
Organised and hosted by Stefan Jovanovic and Takako Hasegawa
Monday 10 February, 10.00 
Lecture Hall


MA History and Critical Thinking Laboratory on Writing 
Design by Words
with Fabrizio Gallanti and Marina Lathouri 
Monday 10 – Thursday 13 February, 10.00, 37 First Floor Front 
Friday 14 February, 10.00 
33 First Floor Back


Saturated Space Cluster Lecture 
Saturated Space V: The Drama of Colour
Monday 10 February, 5.00
Rear Second Presentation Space


Paradise Lost Cluster Lecture 
Mark Campbell: The Fall
Tuesday 11 February, 11.00 
Lecture Hall


Lunchtime Lecture
Mark Campbell & Pier Vittorio Aureli in Conversation: A Real Rain
Tuesday 11 February, 1.00 
Lecture Hall


Concrete Geometries Cluster Event
Marianne Mueller & Fran Cottell: Cluster Webplatform Launch
Tuesday 11 February, 6.00 
Lecture Hall


AA/Bartlett Event
Anticity and the Future of the Public Sphere: Stefano Boeri in Conversation with Camillo Boano
Tuesday 11 February, 6.00
Rear Second Presentation Space


Lunchtime Lecture and Book Launch
Cristina Díaz Moreno and Efrén Ga Grinda, amid.cero9 – Third Natures
Wednesday 12 February, 1.00
Lecture Hall


Evening Lecture
Anthony Vidler: Troubles in Heterotopia – Occupied Spaces: New York and Istanbul to the ‘68 Revolution
Wednesday 12 February, 6.00
Lecture Hall


Emergent Technologies Lunchtime Guest Lecture
Chuck Hoberman: Transformable – Building Structures that Change Themselves
Thursday 13 February, 1.00
Lecture Hall


Evening Lecture
Michael Maltzan: Elastic
Thursday 13 February, 6.00
Lecture Hall


Open Jury 
Undergraduate and Graduate Work-In-Progress 
Friday 14 February, 10.30–5.00
Lecture Hall, Soft Room and Rear Second Presentation Space

Date Submitted: 5/2/2014

Design by Words: History and Critical Thinking Laboratory on Writing

MA History and Critical Thinking Laboratory on Writing with Fabrizio Gallanti and Marina Lathouri

Monday 10 – Thursday 13 February, 10.00, 37 First Floor Front

Friday 14 February, 10.00, 33 First Floor Back

In this one-week intensive workshop, writing is considered as a tool to communicate ideas in a clear and direct way, moving away from the complexities of architectural jargon and academic writing. Each day consists of the introduction of a writing example, the discussion of it, and then the writing and reading in public of a short piece. There will be a final presentation at the end of the week.

The two main references are:

Italo Calvino, Six Memos for the Next Millenium, 1988

David Foster Wallace, 'Authority and the American Usage' in: Consider the Lobster and Other Essays (2005)

The five exercises are:

Description I

Example: Restaurant reviews from the New Yorker magazine

Exercise: Write about the physical, sensorial, emotional experience of a specific location (restaurant, bar, club, art gallery, theatre, etc.)

Description II

Example: Georges Perec, An attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris

Exercise: Note during a period of five hours and then edit the time spent in a public space (the same for all of the students) in London.

Cause and Effect

Example: Jonathan Massey, Risk Design, 2013

Exercise: Identify a building in London and speculate about the political, socio-economical and technological conditions that informed and possibly determined its design.


Example: Toyo Ito, Tarzans in the Media Forest, 2011

Exercise: Select a brief text in a foreign language and then translate it into English, highlighting the words, themes or concepts, which meaning does not properly transfer through translation.


Example: Colm Tóibín; Callil, Carmel (editors), The Modern Library: The Two Hundred Best Novels in English Since 1950, 1999

Exercise: Summarise an assigned architectural essay in 300–500 words

Fabrizio Gallanti is the Associate Director Programs at the Canadian Centre of Architecture in Montreal. He has wide-ranging and international experience in architectural design, education, publication, and exhibitions.

Marina Lathouri is the Director of the MA History and Critical Thinking programme at the AA.

Date Submitted: 3/2/2014

AA Council Ordinary General Meeting

Monday 3 March, 6.30pm

Download the Agenda (Amended) 

Date Submitted: 1/2/2014

HCT Debates / Architecture Politics Friday 31 January

Term 2: Friday 1:00 / 36 Bedford Square, New Soft Room

Organised and hosted by Marina Lathouri



Friday 31 January

Common grounds, common practices

Orsalia Dimitriou


Orsalia Dimitriou is a practicing architect and a researcher. She is a PhD Candidate at the department of Visual Cultures in Goldsmiths University of London and her thesis focuses on public space, democracy and social movements using as a research method both theory and visual media. Her research interests include design as a political tool, urban insurgencies, and grassroots practices, theatrical and ephemeral interventions in urban space, participatory design and social sustainability. Orsalia has been practicing architecture in Athens, Barcelona and London and is teaching design at Central Saint Martin’s in London and cultural context at UCA in Canterbury.

Date Submitted: 30/1/2014

Library Catalogue Offline 28th January

 The library catalogue will be unavailable from 8pm on 28 January until 8am the following day. The library will remain open until 9pm but searching the catalogue, renewing books and check-outs will not be possible from 8pm.

Date Submitted: 23/1/2014


The AA School in realtime


The Architectural Association, Inc. is a Registered Charity Incorporated as a Company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No.171402. Registered office: 36 Bedford Square, London WC1B 3ES, 020 7887 4000

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