Olympic Futures

The Curated Bookshelf:  Feb - Mar 2013

The Curated Bookshelf is a new initiative hosted by the AA Library. Every month, a student curator will propose a theme which establishes a connection between a particular discourse and contemporary space. Each theme is supported by an abstract and bibliography whose books will be made available on the shelf.

With London 2012 now done and dusted we can begin to reflect on the sheer magnitude of investment, planning, construction and enegy that went into delivering a successful Summer Olympics. As we enter the Legacy phase of this project, the value of our investment will begin to unravel.

Olympic Games are about far more than just sport -  they are about wider social, politial and economic issues (such as health, regeneration and tourism). What this month's bibliography hopes to show is how the design of Olympic Parks (and narratives), can engage with these issues in a profound and significant way.

Curated by Lionel Eid. For more information visit the AA Library. 



Date Submitted: 8/2/2013


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