RIBA - J "Eye-Line" £1000 Drawing Competition Open to AA Students

A £1,000 prize is on offer to the winner of this year’s Eye Line drawing competition run by RIBA J.

Deadline June 8th


Date Submitted: 28/5/2015

Review of AA Writing prizes on www.abitare.it

Date Submitted: 28/5/2015

Visiting Teachers’ Programme

The AA attracts the interest of academic visitors from all over the world because of its innovative teaching tradition.  As a response to this interest we offer a three week programme which develops a comparative debate on aims, strategies and methods of teaching architecture. It also gives teachers with very diverse experience and backgrounds an opportunity to participate in discussions about the teaching and research of the AA.

There will be meetings organised with teachers and students throughout the school, and the visiting teachers will also attend juries, reviews and other events during the three weeks.  Please make them welcome during their visit.


This year the programme runs from 26 May to 12 June with the following participants:

Francisco Benitez Eggars       Faculty of Architecture, Universidad de Chile, Chile.

Hassan Estaji                          Faculty of Architecture, Hakim Sabzevari University, Iran.

Mohammed Firoz                    Department of Architecture, NIT Calicut, Kerala, India.

Juan Garces-de Vivo              Department of Architecture, Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia.

Guilherme Lassance               Graduate Programme in Architecture, Universidad Federal de Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Javeria Masood                       School of Architecture, NUST, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Monica Pacheco                     Department of Architecture & Urbanism, ISCTE, Lisbon, Portugal.

Shahira Sayed Sharaf El Din   Architecture Department, Delta University, Alexandria, Egypt.

Rosina Shatarova                  University of Architecture & Civil Engineering, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Date Submitted: 12/5/2015

Undergraduate Juries Fortnight 19 -29th May





Tuesday May 19th

Intermediate Unit 10

Lecture Hall

Diploma Unit 3

Soft Room

Wednesday May 20th

Intermediate Unit 8

Lecture Hall

Diploma Unit 4

Rear Second Presentation

Diploma Unit 17

Soft Room

Thursday May 21st

Intermediate Unit 6

Lecture Hall


Rear Second Presentation

Intermediate Unit 2

Soft Room

Friday May 22nd

Diploma Unit 1

Lecture Hall

Intermediate Unit 5

Rear Second Presentation

Intermediate Unit 12

Soft Room

Tuesday May 26th

Intermediate Unit 3

Lecture Hall

Intermediate Unit 13

Rear Second Presentation

Intermediate Unit 11

Soft Room

Diploma Unit 2

37 First Floor Front

Wednesday May 27th

Diploma Unit 16

Lecture Hall

Diploma Unit 5

Rear Second Presentation

Intermediate Unit 4

Soft Room

Diploma Unit 6

37 First Floor Front

Thursday May 28th

Diploma Unit 14

Lecture Hall

Diploma Unit 11

Rear Second Presentation

Intermediate Unit 1

Soft Room

Diploma Unit 7

37 First Floor Front

Diploma Unit 18

32 FFF and 32 FFB

Friday 29th May

Intermediate Unit 7

Lecture Hall

Diploma Unit 9

32 FFF and 32 FFB

Intermediate Unit 9

Soft Room

Diploma Unit 10

37 First Floor Front

First Years will hold their final jury on Friday 5th June in the Rear Second Presentation


Date Submitted: 11/5/2015

Renzo Piano Building Workshop Internship Paris - 2015-16

Deadline for Applications 29th May 5pm

Internship applications are now being accepted for the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. One internship will be filled by a 2015 AA Diploma graduate (Part 2). The internship includes a €9,000 scholarship paid by the Foundation at the outset of a six-month internship in the Paris office.

Current fifth year students interested in applying should submit their application pack – including a sample A4 portfolio of student work as well as a statement on why/how interests would be furthered by experience in the workshop – to the Director’s Office no later than Friday 29 May at 5pm. All applicants should be prepared to begin a six-month internship in Paris, on 1 September 2015.

Date Submitted: 8/5/2015

High Passes for TS3 Design Projects and TS5 Design Thesis

Congratulations to the following students who have been awarded a High Pass for their TS3 Design Project:

Dalia Frontini Matsuura, Intermediate Unit 9

Emily Hayden, Intermediate Unit 11

Ema Kacar, Intermediate Unit 13

Amar Piyush Mehta, Intermediate Unit 8

Beatrice Melli, Intermediate Unit 9

Zsuzsa Peter, Intermediate Unit 7

Gleb Sheykin, Intermediate Unit 7 (With Distinction! Best Technical Project in the 3rd Year)

Tommaso Sordon, Intermediate Unit 10

Nathan Su, Intermediate Unit 3

Jane Wong, Intermediate Unit 5

Nicholas Zembashi, Intermediate Unit 3

Also congratulations to the following students who have been awarded a High Pass for their TS5 Design Thesis:

Leander Adrian, Diploma Unit 4

Zeina Al-Derry, Diploma Unit 10

Eduardo Andreu Gonzalez, Diploma Unit 7

Yonatan Buchhandler, Diploma Unit 10

Nailu Chen, Diploma Unit 17

Catarina Cruz, Diploma Unit 9 (With Distinction! Best Technical Thesis in the 5th Year)

Nara Ha, Diploma Unit 9

Jesper Henriksson, Diploma Unit 14

Kwong Kit Lam, Diploma Unit 16

Yin Lee, Diploma Unit 7

Erez Levinberg, Diploma Unit 11

Alexey Marfin, Diploma Unit 6

Patrick Morris, Diploma Unit 6

Shi Qi Ng, Diploma Unit 1

Eleni Maria Tzavellou Gavala, Diploma Unit 4

Cliff Anlong Tan, Diploma Unit 1

Louise Underhill, Diploma Unit 14

Yu Zheng, Diploma Unit 17

Date Submitted: 8/5/2015

London Design Festival call for entries.

#PoweredByTweets: The Challenge

The London Design Festival has partnered with Twitter UK on a new public design and exhibition challenge. The best ideas around the UK will be showcased in an exhibition held during the Festival in September. Enter the Challenge by 5 June 2015.


Follow London Design Festival @L_D_F

Date Submitted: 7/5/2015

AA Writing Prize Winners 2015

Zeina Al-Derry - The Melancholic City of Mirages
Mahsa Ramezanpour - Incarcerating Gender in Captive Spaces
Lara Yegenoglu - Vernacular Politics: The Gecekondu as an Instutitional Apparatus in Istambul
Jane Wong - The Burning House
Olukoye Akinkugbe - The Inescapable Bias of Representation
Simonpietro Salini - Novitatem meam Contemnvnt Ego Illor Vm Ignaviam: They Despise my Novelty, I Their TImidity

Read past Nominations and Winners at http://writing.aaschool.ac.uk
Date Submitted: 7/5/2015

RIBA Scholarship and Awards deadlines.

RIBA Wren Insurance Association Scholarships – Friday 8 May

Five scholarships worth £5,000 each are available for the 2015/16 application cycle. At the time of application, students must be enrolled in an RIBA-validated Part 2 professional qualification course in the UK, and will be starting the final year in September 2015. The scholarships aim to support outstanding Part 2 students who have the potential to make a significant contribution in the field of architecture.


RIBA AHR Stephen Williams Scholarship – Tuesday 26 May

The RIBA AHR Stephen Williams Scholarship (formerly RIBA Aedas Stephen Williams Scholarship) provides £5,000 to support one student for a period of postgraduate studies lasting up to 12 months in the UK or abroad. AHR will also ensure that a representative from its staff is available to mentor the student throughout the period of their scholarship.


RIBA Boyd Auger Scholarship – Monday 1 June

The RIBA Boyd Auger Scholarship, worth £5,000, aims to support applicants in their personal, professional and academic development within the architectural field by providing students or recent graduates with an opportunity to undergo a period of imaginative and original research and travel.


RIBA Research Trust Awards – Monday 1 June

The awards scheme is open to applicants interested in a wide range of subject matter relevant to the advancement of architecture, and connected arts and sciences, in the United Kingdom. The RIBA Research Trust Award is for a closely defined piece of architectural research. The committee will support practice-led or academic research, but it will not support course fees and subsistence costs for PhD/MPhil or Masters programmes. Awards are given only to named individuals, not organisations. The maximum grant applicants may apply for is £10,000.

Date Submitted: 5/5/2015

Result of the Election of Officers and Council 2015/2016


Declared at 17:02 on the 01.05.2015


Candidate - Votes - % - Elected  

Christine  HAWLEY   269   10%   ELECTED  

Vicky  RICHARDSON     232   9%   ELECTED  

Jane  WERNICK     232   9%   ELECTED  

Rory  SHERLOCK   221   8%   ELECTED  

Oliver  DOMEISEN     201   8%   ELECTED  

Elsie  OWUSU     190   7%   ELECTED  

Jonathan  ELLIS-­‐MILLER     184   7%   ELECTED  

Marko  MILOVANOVIC     157   6%   ELECTED  

Christopher  BISSET       156   6%    

Hunter  DOYLE     138   5%    

Tiffany  ABERNATHY       135   5%    

Alexandra  PAPADAKIS     134   5%    

Sofia  PIA  BELENKY     128   5%    

Edward  HUTCHISON     84   3%    

Tessa  O’NEILL     84   3%    

Gorana  SHEPHERD     73   3%    




Number of codes issued: 2,844

Votes cast: 565

Turnout: 19.9%

Number of Individuals that voted: (%)

Channel   Votes







Officers formally standing for election, but running unopposed (as per the by-laws):

President - Paul Warner

Hon. Vice President - Hugh Pearman

Hon. Vice President - David Porter

Hon. Secretary - Richard Patterson

Hon. Treasurer - David Jenkins


Council members remaining on the ballot without standing for re-election:

Past President - Sadie Morgan Ordinary Members:

John Andrews

Joanna Chambers

Patty Hopkins

Sho Ito

Date Submitted: 1/5/2015

Three-day workshops open to all students

The FIRST YEAR STUDIO in collaboration with the INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL is putting forward two workshops open to all students on: Imaginary inhabitants, creatures, genders, and their habitat.
Dates: Wednesday 6th, Thursday 7th, Friday 8th of May from 10:00am. 
CITY OF BACHELORS by Ana Araujo (Intermediate 2)
For over five hundred years men have been designing our homes and cities; and defining the language of architecture. Inspired by an exception to this rule – a 40-square-metre flat Irish de- signer Eileen Grey conceived for her lover Jean Badovici in 1930 – we will create an imaginary city based on what is believed to be a potentially feminine architectural language. 
Materials: One block of genuine silver leaf, ten sheets of black foamboard, A3 size, one can of spray mount, twenty sheets of white paper, five sheets of black card, A3 size, + model making materials (cutting matt, scalpel, ruler etc).



THE MENAGERIE OF MISCEGENATIONS by Manijeh Verghese (Intermediate 11)

Can we invent new forms of life, predict a future evolution of hybrid animals, plants and everything in between, by altering the course of evolution through the design of new species and their habitats? This three day workshop will start with the invention of hybrid creatures that fuse existing species. We will then design the spaces where these beasts will live and be observed. Finally, we will combine our invented life forms into a collective taxonomy drawing to track our alternate evolution and construct our new menagerie of miscegenations by aggregating our isometric spaces into a fantastical group collage.

Materials: A0 sheets of paper for the combined drawings, coloured copies of your miscegenation and menagerie drawings to collage onto the larger sheets, glue, scissors, pens, pencils, ink, watercolours, rulers, protractors. 


If you are interested to take part in one of these workshops come to the FIRST YEAR STUDIO. You will find a sign up sheet near the offices. Deadline to sign up: Monday 4th of May or send an email to: monia.de_marchi@aaschool.ac.uk.

You can find all the info on the two workshops on the AA First Year - Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/aafirstyear

Date Submitted: 28/4/2015

AA Camera Club Student Competition

AA Students are invited to submit photographs of contemporary architecture. The best entries will be exhibited in the Photo Library Corridor Gallery and selected images will be added to the Photo Library website - photolibrary.aaschool.ac.uk

Prizes of limited edition prints by Eric De Maré and F.R. Yerbury

Deadline Friday 1st of May

Submission of Tiffs via wetransfer to photolib@aaschool.ac.uk

Date Submitted: 27/3/2015

RIBA Funding Schemes - Call for Entries

Funding for Postgraduate Studies


The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is now calling for applications for the RIBA AHR Stephen Williams Scholarship and the RIBA Wren Insurance Association Scholarships.


The RIBA Wren Insurance Association Scholarships were established in March 2013 followed a generous donation by The Wren Insurance Association Limited. The five scholarships, each worth £5,000, aim to support outstanding Part 2 students who have the potential to make a significant contribution in the field of architecture.


Applicants must:

  • have graduated from a Part 1 programme validated by the RIBA in the UK


  • at the time of application, must be enrolled in an RIBA-validated Part 2 professional qualification course in the UK, and will be starting the final year in September 2015.


The deadline to apply is Friday 8 May 2015. For more information, visit www.architecture.com/wrenscholarships  


The RIBA AHR Stephen Williams Scholarship is also worth £5,000 and will support one student for a period of postgraduate studies of up to 12 months in the UK or abroad. The winning applicant will also be given the opportunity of mentoring from a senior member of AHR Architects for the duration of the scholarship period. 


Applicants must:

  • have graduated from a Part 1 programme validated by the RIBA in the UK


At the time of application, students must either:

·         be enrolled in, or have been granted a placement offer for, an RIBA-validated Part 2 professional qualification in the UK or abroad


·         be enrolled, or have been granted a placement offer, in a Masters course (non-RIBA Part 2) related to architecture, at a university department that also offers courses validated by the RIBA in the UK or abroad


The deadline to apply is Tuesday 26 May 2015. For more information, visit www.architecture.com/ahrscholarship


Funding for Research

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is now calling for applications is calling for applications from individuals interested in conducting new research into architecture. The RIBA Research Trust Awards will make grants of up to £10,000 available to support original independent architecture research by practitioners, academics and recent graduates. The deadline to apply is Monday 1 June 2015. For more information visit www.architecture.com/researchfunding


Travel Scholarships


Don’t forget that the deadlines for the RIBA Norman Foster Travelling Scholarship and the RIBA Boyd Auger Scholarship are  Friday 24 April 2015  and Monday 1 June 2015, respectively.


Applicants should contact Hayley Russell (hayley.russell@riba.org 020 7307 3678) for help with their applications to any of the above schemes.


Mackintosh Architecture Season


As you may have seen, the public programme at 66 Portland Place continues through Spring with a season inspired by the hugely popular exhibition ‘Mackintosh Architecture’ running until the 23rd May. It is followed by the ‘Brutalist Playground’ – a new installation by Assemble inspired by post-war housing estates and launching during the London Festival of Architecture. Both exhibitions are accompanied by a wide range of events and debates suitable for students throughout May, June and July with discounted tickets available at £6.50 and further discounts when booked as a group of 10. If you are interested in these get in touch with the public programmes team at talks@riba.org or head to www.architecture.com/whatson.


Date Submitted: 27/3/2015

2015/16 AA Bursary Application Forms DEADLINE 22nd MAY 5PM

Eligible students can pick up bursary application forms from Sabrina Blakstad (36 Second Floor) from Monday 9 March. Completed applications must be returned by the deadline: Friday 22 May 2015. The following AA students are eligible to apply:

Current registered/year out Undergraduate students

Current PhD students who will be registered in the Second or Third Year in 2015/16 of their fulltime studies at full fee rate

MPhil Projective Cities Year 2 students in 2015/16

The AA Bursary would be awarded on the understanding that the student is not in receipt of any other substantial additional award, which is equivalent to more than the value of one term’s fees. An AA Bursary is not deferrable.


Date Submitted: 4/3/2015


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