Contributions are sought from across the world for this conference (18–19 October) hosted by Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, nr Shanghai, PR China 215123. The conference will be part of the 'UK Now' festival, which is one of the biggest ever cultural exchange event organised by the UK government in China. It is supported by the British Council with The Architectural Review as UK media partner.

For full details, see: www.masterplanningthefuture.org 

Deadline for extended abstracts: 2 May.  

NB: The copyright of the papers accepted to form part of the conference proceedings and published (under an ISBN) will be vested in XJTLU.

Conference Synopsis:
One hundred years have passed since Le Corbusier’s Voyage to the Orient. Although he didn’t venture into the Far East, his influence – and that of Modernism – is recognisable across the world. This conference looks at Modernism’s significance to architecture and urbanism from across the world. It will explore its lasting, or fading, influence on China; and China’s influence on it.

Architecture, and indeed the world, has changed massively over the last century, so this conference will explore what contemporary ideas can be drawn from different historical periods and different social circumstances. 

With the rapidly urbanising conditions of India and China, what can Modernism tell us about the global urban condition? Indeed, is there such a thing as 'Modernism' or 'the global urban condition'? How has Modernism fared in the last century? How are future-oriented architectural ideas portrayed today and what are the connections with the past?

This conference is an international forum within China, bringing together researchers and experts from across the world. In this way, the exchange of ideas and experiences will stimulate a better understanding of modern and vernacular architecture, contemporary and traditional urbanism; and regionalist and universalist design ideals. 

Themes: Papers are welcomed to address a range of topics, which include, but are not restricted to: 

• Modernism from the West to the East… and across the world.;
• Modernism and the role of manifestos;
• Chandigarh: then and now;
• Metabolism;
• Asian development;
• Emerging Cities: from South America to Africa;
• The role of ideology;
• The concept of masterplanning;
• The Eco-City;
• Contemporary and Vernacular Modernism?;
Lessons from 20th to 21st century;
• The role of transport planning: then and now;
• Influences and Legacy (Western and Eastern);
• Le Corbusier and the Environment;
• New Towns/ New Cities;
• Urban flows;
• Civic space and sociability;
• The changing face of “the Modern”: Theory and Practice over the years;
• Visualising the City: from sketch to film to the digital image;
• Universalism contra localism?;
• Historically, geographically and culturally specific context;
• Lessons from India/Europe/China;
• GIS and space syntax;
• Technological developments in Urban Planning and Design;
• Social and development issues of the Modern city?;
• Preserving or demolishing Modern icons;
• Urban planning: Bottom up or top-down?

Date Submitted: 16/4/2012

The seminar takes place at 14–17.00 

Read more at www.deda.ie

Adrian Duncan (artist/writer, www.adrianduncan.eu)
Blaithin Quinn (artist/architect,www.transcolonia.org)
Fiona McDonald (artist/architect,www.fionamcdonald.ie)
John McLaughlin (architect/lecturer UCD, CCAE, Curator of Ireland's representation at Venice Architecture Biennale), www.johnmclaughlin.ie)
Des Ward (artist/lecturer, IADT,www.deda.ie)

There is currently a lot of interest around the status of the objects of art and architecture and their relationship to place, community and the built environment. This seminar hopes to open up discussions around the different practices and theories operating in the shared and sometimes hybrid spaces between art and architecture.

All welcome

Date Submitted: 16/4/2012

The thesis project by the Cast on Cast team (AADRL 2009–11, tutors Yusuke Obuchi and Rob Stuart-Smith), which won the Next Generation 1st prize in Holcim Awards Europe in September 2011, has recently won the Holcim Innovation 3rd prize in the Global Holcim Awards 2012. 

The project was selected for its contribution to innovative building materials and construction technologies in the context of sustainable construction, out of 53 prize-winning projects at the regional level in the five different continents (including 38 Acknowledgement and Next Generation winners). It is a great honour to be awarded this prize and share this moment with two of the most recognised architectural studios in Europe: Gramazio & Kohler, Architektur und Digitale Fabrikation, who received first prize, and Barkow Leibinger Architects, Germany, who received second prize.   

Read more at: http://www.holcimfoundation.org/T1509/Innovation_3rd_prize_-_United_Kingdom.htm 

'Cast on Cast' team is Povilas Cepaitis, LLuis Enrique, Diego Ordonez, Carlos Piles. See www.castoncast.com   

Date Submitted: 16/4/2012
Alfredo Ramirez's talk is part of the 'Free Space Design in the Contemporary City' Colloqium at KW . The lecture will deal with the way in which Groundlab and Landscape Urbanism engage with the concept of the ground, both as a spatial strategy but also as a generator of a wider perspective to think about cities, territories and ecologies.
Date Submitted: 30/3/2012
Eduardo Rico and Enriqueta Llabres talked at MIT on 22 March about the work he has undertaken about the use of design interfaces for urban development.

They also gave a speech within the Landscape Infrastructure symposium on 23 and 24 in GSD Harvard.

See link: http://www.gsd.harvard.edu/#/events/landscape-infrastructure.html
Date Submitted: 29/3/2012
The CU SPACE Gallery is 798 Beijing. All AA Beijing Community welcome.
For more information, please see www.cu-space.com
Date Submitted: 28/3/2012
RARE is Michel da Costa Gonçalves and Nathalie Rozencwajg, unit masters Inter 4 and Singapore Visiting School (booking now open for 2012).
Read more at the practice website: www.r-are.net

RIBA Award 2011
RICS Project of Year + Conservation Award
Highly commended 21 for 21 WAN Award
Date Submitted: 28/3/2012
Theo Lorenz is an artist, architect and Studio Director of the AA's Interprofessional Studio. Working in both visual art and architecture, his interest is in digital and physical space and the association between subjects and objects. Generated Realism follows Constructed Realism and Augmented Realism as the third in a series of exhibitions representing a body of painting produced between 2007 and 2011.

Lorenz has taught at the AA since 2000, founding the AAIS Interprofessional Studio (Graduate Diploma programme in Spatial Performance & Design) in 2009.

Dates: 20–29 March
Private view: Thursday 22 March 22, 18:30–20:30, with roundtable salon discussion.

Opening Times: Monday to Friday 09.00–17:30
Admission free
Date Submitted: 20/3/2012
Read programme (pdf) here
Read more at http://www.arc.umontreal.ca/
Date Submitted: 13/3/2012
The project, developed in partnership with another young Brazilian practice called hiperstudio, will be called Hotel Aliah and includes a convention centre and a sports centre, and will be built in the outskirts of São Paulo, close to two airports (Guarulhos and Viracopos).

Alexandre Hepner, one of the three practice founders, says 'Sustainability and passive comfort strategies were some of the core issues of this competition, and my education in the SED programme at the AA was essential for achieving this result. Therefore, I would like to thank all of you for your guidance last year.'
Read more at www.arkiz.com.br

Date Submitted: 12/3/2012
Date Submitted: 7/3/2012
The theme for the RCA annual lecture series is Borderlands, an investigation of interdisciplinary cross hatching. Previous speakers include Troika, Lloyd Grossman, Gavin Turk.
Read more at:
Date Submitted: 6/3/2012
This publication, which will be launched in March, is supported by grants from the Graham Foundation, American Institute of Architects and Architecture Center, New York. It will be launched on 16 March at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and The Graham Foundation, Chicago.
See more at: http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/default.asp?ttype=2&tid=12868
Date Submitted: 5/3/2012
As a Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Alvin is now teaching advanced digital design and fabrication studios in the Post-professional Master of Architecture Program at USC, as well as a Fifth Year Degree Studio.
Synthesis Design + Architecture is an international design and consultancy practice based in Los Angeles and London, focusing on the integrated application of material performance, emergent design technologies and digital fabrication in contemporary architectural practice. Current commissions include projects in Lampang, Thailand, Bangkok and Quanzhou, China. 

For more information: www.synthesis-dna.com
Date Submitted: 5/3/2012
Architecture Now! Vol. 8 is published by TASCHEN. Philip Jodidio’s book illustrates today's currents in architecture through a review of the most exciting projects and offices around the world.  
Lewes District Council has commissioned RARE and Malcolm Reading Consultants & BTP to consider the strategic development of the listed Newhaven Fort securing the long-term future of this remarkable military structure.
RARE's lecture at the Bartlett (UCL) on Digital fabrication with Listed Buildings takes place in March.
Date Submitted: 5/3/2012


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