Gunjan Rustagi, Masters student from Landscape Urbanism program has been selected to present her research on 'opportunistic landscapes' at the “Thinking the Contemporary Landscape” conference in Hannover, Germany (June 20-22, 2013); organized by ETH and Volkswagen Foundation.


Date Submitted: 19/6/2013

Friday, 14 June

6–8pm, AA Bookshop

Recent architecture has found itself having to cope with new social and cultural complexities that demand networked systems that are time-based, reconfigurable and evolutionary, and a corresponding model of urbanism defined as an adaptive ecology. 

It is against this backdrop that the AA’s graduate Design Research Lab (DRL) has pursued its recent studio agenda through project-based research focusing on alternative models of housing. Integral to this research is a notion of architecture that looks towards designing systems that seek higher ordered goals emerging through an intimate correlation of material and computational interaction. With essays by Patrick Schumacher, Mark Burry, Brett Steele, John Frazer, John Henry Holland, Makoto Sei Watanabe and David Ruy, Adaptive Ecologies presents the results of this research and with it constructs a generative view of space and structure and the exploration of behaviour-based models of living through patterns found in nature.

All welcome. Those attending AADRL juries are invited to stop by afterwards. The book will be available for purchase from the AA Bookshop on the night at a discount of £22 (RRP 30.00, members price £24).

Date Submitted: 3/6/2013

AA SED team of recent MSc and MArch graduates wins the first real-time OpenSource International Design Competition over 72 hours on location in Milan, 8-10 May.

Pilar Perez del Real, Ignacio Medina, Isabel Silvestre, Valli Chidambaram, Aimilios Kourafas, Meital Ben Dayan, Katia Iliopoulou, Filippo Weber, Alexandra Andone with tutors Rosa Schiano-Phan and Federico Montella.

Date Submitted: 31/5/2013

The selection panel is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2013 award:

Joshua Penk, 2nd Year and Manolis Stavrakakis, AA PhD candidate.

In July, Joshua and Manolis will spend three weeks at the British School at Rome with all expenses generously provided by the Nicholas Boas Trust.

Selection Panel 2013: Mrs Elisabeth Boas, Valentin Bontjes van Beek, Ryan Dillon, Samantha Hardingham, Belinda Flaherty (administrator).


Date Submitted: 30/5/2013

Karl Wai (former Senior DPL Technician, AA)), Wiktor Kidziak (Intermediate 2010–13) and Omid Kamvari (AADipl, AAMsc) have recently set up a 3D printing company called 3dpeasy, which joined forces with the British Council on the London Festival of Architecture. The company will be printing all the models for the exhibition, Atlas of the Unbuilt World.

Date Submitted: 28/5/2013

The text investigates the use of the 1:1 scale in contemporary architectural practice and was a contribution to the International Prototyping Architecture Symposium held at the Building Centre, London in 2013.

Date Submitted: 24/5/2013

Christopher’s proposal is to undertake a study of the Ōtsuka Museum of Art in Naruto, Tokushima Prefecture – the largest exhibition space in Japan, which houses more than one thousand full-size ceramic reproductions of major works of art, including the Sistine Chapel, Scrovegni Chapel, triclinium of the Villa of the Mysteries and Guernica. The works are transfer-printed from photographs before being fired and retouched. Christopher has proposed to explore the notion and implications of copying art in Japan, and by extension for us all.

The subject was seen as a good introduction into a number of contemporary issues, in a rapidly evolving world where growing populations around the world will never have the opportunity to see the originals of these pieces how can reproduction be affected to ensure that people can be exposed to the wide range of experiences predicted on visits to places such as the Sistene Chapel.

This promises to be a very interesting project, and the judges look forward to the final outcome of Christopher's field work.

Learn more about the Michael Ventris Award.

Christopher is also the recipient of the Dennis Sharp Writing Prize.

Date Submitted: 24/5/2013

Edited by Jesko Fezer and Matthias Görlich

Published by Bedford Press

Bedford Press has published the first ebooks to be released by the AA. The Civic City Cahier series is now available, beginning with the out-of-print editions 1 and 2 by Margit Mayer and Gui Bonsiepe. The books are distributed worldwide, through Amazon for Kindle and on the iBookstore for Apple devices. A free Kindle reader app is also available for most smartphone and tablet platforms.

Please visit the Bedford Press website to purchase and for more information

Date Submitted: 21/5/2013

Amita Kulkarni (AA MArch 2005) and Anna Muzychak (AA part I 2012)  from Studio Amita Vikrant are invited to tutor in the Vertical Studio program at Cardiff University with a unit titled “Gardens of Fictions”, running over April and May. The studio asked 1st and 2nd year students to create an imaginative spatial narrative exploring gardens as spaces between the outside and inside worlds and translate their concepts into a layered drawing.

For more information on the unit please see:


Date Submitted: 9/5/2013

The following students have been awarded a high pass for Technical Studies.

  • Inter 1 – Albane Duvillier
  • Inter 2 – Carlotta Conte
  • Inter 3 – Alvaro Fernandez
  • Inter 4 – Hao Wen Lim , Dionysios Xynogiannakopoulos
  • Inter 5 – Juliet Haysom
    *** Sho Ito *** High Pass with Distinction – best TS Project in the 3rd Year
  • Inter 6 – Qin Zhao (Lexie)
  • Inter 7 – Martin Brandsdal
  • Inter 11 – Andreas Stylianou
  • Inter 13 – Richard Kai Ching Leung , Federique Paraskevas , Xingyue Zhang
  • Dip 1 – Kin Pong Ho , Soon il Kim
  • Dip 2 – Olivia Crawford
  • Dip 4 – Friedrich Grafling
  • Dip 5 – Maud Sanciaume
  • Dip 6 – William Gowland
    ***Mond Qu*** High Pass with Distinction – best TS Thesis in the 5th Year
  • Dip 8 – Sanem Alper , Gary Dupont , Borja Muguiro
  • Dip 9 – Georges Massoud , Antoine Vaxelaire
  • Dip 10 – Peter Sagar
  • Dip 11 – Karl Karam , Conrad Koslowsky
  • Dip 14 – Hissah Al-Bader , Matthew Critchley , Octave Perrault , Jing Qiao
  • Dip 16 – John Naylor , Ashkan Sadeghi
  • Dip 17 – Pavanjeet Birdi
Date Submitted: 3/5/2013

Read the interview, 'Unknown Fields Divison', in TiP.


Photo: Johnathan Gales

Date Submitted: 29/4/2013


The competition, organised by International Art Consultants, is being held for the fourth time since its launch in 2007 and has had Keith Priest, AA President, on the Judging Panel in the last two series (2011- 2013)

Entries are still open until the 30 April 2013 at http://www.architectseye.co.uk/

Date Submitted: 25/4/2013

The collaboration between Bilgi University and Vertical Studio at Cardiff University runs from 20 – 24 April.

Hosted by Bilgi University, the Vernal workshops aim to bring together a multidisciplinary team to foster an atmosphere of exchange and collaboration within an international platform. This is integrated with ‘Articulating Istanbul’, this year’s vertical studio unit at Cardiff University, which focuses on students making an architectural artefact/intervention in Istanbul while creating the opportunity to work with students from the two different cities.

More information on the unit can be found on the Bigli University and Cardif University websites, and by visiting the programme's homepage

Date Submitted: 24/4/2013

Stationed in front of the AA, Ascending and Descending converts the everyday vernacular of a building site and its implicit expenditure of human labour power, into a sisyphian duration performance, as a worker loads earth onto conveyor belts, relentlessly moving earth back to the hole from where it came.  

Tatzu Nishi (Japan) creates out-of- scale and out-of-place encounters in public spaces around the world, transforming street lights, parked cars and monuments.

The installation is part of Cultural Hijack, which opens at the AA on Thursday 25 April. Cultural Hijack occurs in three parts: a survey exhibition of documented artworks from across the globe, supported by a programme of artists’ talks; a programme of live-interventions, in which artists arrive in London to agitate and infiltrate the urban territory, starting in Bedford Square and moving out across the city; and CON(tra)VENTION, in which the programme culminates in a carnival weekend of lectures, symposia, screenings, participatory actions, interventions, dinners and debate.

Date Submitted: 24/4/2013

AA graduate and former President Adrian Gale, who worked with Mies van der Rohe from 1958, will be giving a lecture on several of the architect's projects, particularly Mies’ use of brick in Chicago. 

ABA Gallery 70 Cowcross Street, EC1M 6EJ

Doors at 6.30, lecture at 7.00

Tickets: £8.00, £6.00 for students

To book, reach Phillip Boyle on 020 7253 6624, or email phillip.sboyle@btinternet.

Date Submitted: 22/4/2013


The AA School in realtime



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