Virtual Synchronicity will be installed as part of the Microwavefest 2013 – TERRA ZERO

Hong Kong 8 – 17 November 

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Tobias Klein studied architecture at the RWTH Aachen, Germany, the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria and the Bartlett School of Architecture, London. He worked for Coop Himmelb(l)au before founding his own practice, Studio Tobias Klein. The practice operates in between architecture and art, across the fields of installation, experimental design, interactivity and urbanism. Its production constantly evolves between static and dynamic models, shifting from objects to installations and design, prospecting new visual territories in the field of narrated embodied space. He is one of the founders of .horhizon, an experimental architectural design platform.

Date Submitted: 28/10/2013
Public Performance, Malet Street Gardens – 1 and 2pm
Public Talks and Discussion, Senate House (Beveridge Hall) – 5pm
Why are iron railings so firmly rooted in the British ideal of urban public space?  Might the abundance of railings betray particular cultural anxieties about open spaces and their potential?

The symposium will consider the effects and legacy of the wartime removal of iron railings from parks and gardens, opening a discussion about public space and accessibility in Bloomsbury and beyond.
The public talks at Senate House will be preceded by a specially-commissioned dance performance at Malet Street Gardens, site of 'PhantomRailings'

Speakers include:

Anna Minton – Writer, journalist, author of Ground Control, Fear and happiness in the twenty-first century city
Catalina Pollak – Architect and artist behind ‘Phantom Railings’
Dr. Matthew Ingleby – Lecturer, UCL
Zaynab Dena Ziari – Architect and writer, Architectural Association
Laurence Bain – Architect, CAB (Campaign Against Bollards)
Thomas Snow – Researcher (Chair), UCL
Date Submitted: 28/10/2013

Both graduates (MArch 2011–13) submitted an extension of their MArch thesis, adaptive[skins], as a proposal. They were shortlisted in the top eight emerging artists and architects from a total of 264 proposals from 37 countries.

The scholarships are designed for freelance artists, architecture students, graduates and diploma holders in architectural studies to explore innovations in art and architecture through experimental approaches
and also in practice-based projects.

The jury made its selection earlier this year, and the scholarship recipients will have the opportunity to realise one of their submitted works during the 2013/14 academic year while working from the MAK Centre for Art and Architecture in Los Angeles. 

Find out more about this year's winners. 

Learn more about the MAK Center Residency Programme.

During their Emtech studies, the team established rat[LAB] – an independent research cell – that has now become a multinational and interdisciplinary collective of specialised practitioners from the fields of design and technology.

Date Submitted: 16/10/2013

The exhibition, which shows until 27 October at RAW Gallery of Architecture and Design, explores the tension between two contrasting forms of domestic dwelling: the vernacular architecture of the cabin and the ubiquity of the suburban house through an exploration of the cottages and cabins that surround the lakes of Manitoba.

Find out more about the exhibition – download the press release.

Date Submitted: 16/10/2013

What can one learn from an architectural education? What other skills can one bring to architecture? How does one navigate through the complex situations of the immediate realities upon graduating?

Contributors will include Jack Self, Editor of the Fulcrum magazine at the AA School.

Admission free

Thursday 31 October 2013, 7pm
AF Project Space, 136 - 148 Tooley St, London, SE1 2TU

RSVP essential via eventbrite due to limited capacity.

See other events at the Architecture Foundation: architecturefoundation.org.uk

Date Submitted: 16/10/2013

Jack will join a group of collaborators to talk about the exhibition and his own work at 'Futures in the Making: The Three Ecologies', tomorrow evening, Thursday 17 October, at 7pm.

Learn more about the exhibition

Find out more about the talk

Date Submitted: 16/10/2013

Akshay will deliver the paper at the Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) International Conference 2013, University of Waterloo, Cambridge, Canada from October 24–26. 

Find out more about the conference: http://2013.acadia.org/

Akshay was also selected to exhibit his 'Dunescape' project at the Design Junction, London Design Festival, as part of the 3D Printed futures competition by Blueprint Magazine. 


Date Submitted: 14/10/2013

The Cocoon is a pavilion by Design & Make students Hugo Garcia-Urrutia (Mexico), Abdullah Omar Asghar Khan (Pakistan), Karjvit Rirermvanich (Thailand)


Read the full German article.

Date Submitted: 9/10/2013

Rebecca, a recent graduate, is currently leading a History & Theory Class, a Projects Class (Unit) and an Introduction to Architecture class for the duration of one semester.

Date Submitted: 7/10/2013

Frances Edith Cooper of the University of Auckland is the post-graduate winner.

AA graduate Robert Taylor (Diploma 5) is a runner-up for his Golden Temple of Trash.

From the judges on Robert's work:

‘Many students today (or perhaps their tutors) seem to believe that the value of their work is in proportion to how many wry smiles they can elicit from a jury. Personally I long to see work that is clever because it is good, rather than good because it is clever. However, this project is the exception that proves the rule. Self-evidently trashy and on the knife-edge of poor taste, it is also stylish, witty and enchanting.’

Congratulations to all winners. Find out more about the projects.

Date Submitted: 7/10/2013

They will be teaching DRS01, ‘ENTER- ACT’, a design research studio where the focus will be on students creating tools that will generate spatial interactions and events.

Find out more about their course.

Date Submitted: 7/10/2013

WORKSHOP architecture will be building a 1:1 structure in the Front Members' Room of the AA as part of their forthcoming exhibition Not What, But How.

The structure will test design ideas and materials in advance of future projects in the Philippines and India.

The group is seeking volunteers to help with the build between Saturday 9 – Thursday 14 November for approximately 2–8 hours per day.

Those interested in learning, sharing building skills and being part of this exciting project shoul get in touch at hello@wrkshp.org

Date Submitted: 26/9/2013
Madam Studio's (former AA students Marco Ginex and Adam Nathaniel Furman) film 'Subject, Theory, Practice: An Architecture of Creative Engagement' has been chosen to be shown as one of the 25 films at this year's prestigious New York Architecture & Design Film Festival next month.
Date Submitted: 20/9/2013

Current SED MArch student Leo Sooseok Kim has won 1st prize for the Venice Biennale Pavilion competition hosted by Arch Triumph.

Date Submitted: 18/9/2013

SED MSc 2008-09 graduate Alberto Moletto wins competition for the Regional Archives Building of the North of Chile (Near Iquique). The jury liked the use of environmental strategies in the design and the overall "environmental approach” of the building. It is "an interesting scheme with a lot of transitional spaces that will create a pleasant space for people and researchers". The façade will be a double skin made by perforated bricks.

More details (Spanish PDF)

Date Submitted: 18/9/2013


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