Samantha Lee (AA Dip 2012) and Oliviu Lugojan-Ghenciu (AA MS & DRL Course Tutor) will be speaking at Bartlett Plexus 14 'Game-Change' on 30th October, 6:30pm. 140 Hampstead Road NW1 2BX.
The event is free to all.
Date Submitted: 28/10/2014

The anatomy of a building: Denys Lasdun and the Royal College of Physicians

A unique exhibition marking the centenary of visionary architect Sir Denys Lasdun and his modernist masterpiece - the Royal College of Physicians

Regent’s Park, London, NW1 4LE

Visit Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm

Free entry

Sir Denys Lasdun CH CBE FRIBA HonAADipl and RIBA Gold Medalist studied at the AA in the early 1930s. He served as a Council Member in 1959-61 and again 1974-78.



Image: Valerie Bennett photos.aaschool.ac.uk

Date Submitted: 22/10/2014

Adam Nathaniel Furman, (Director of the AA's Saturated Space Cluster http://www.saturatedspace.org/ ) wins an award for Design Innovation at the Blueprint Awards 2014.

"Identity Parade consists of 3D-printed and ceramic vases and ornaments, painted in luminous colours and busy psychedelic patterns."


identity Parade reviewed in Dezeen magazine

Date Submitted: 15/10/2014

Evan Greenberg (Emtech Studio Master) will be speaking at this year's Timber Expo at the NEC Birmingham, presenting the 2013/2014 Emtech Design / Build Project 'Fingers Crossed: Pushing friction fit to its limits at the London Design Festival' on Tuesday, 8 October.

Date Submitted: 8/10/2014

The exhibition Architecture Dialect(ic) with 3rd yr students of architecture in Bangalore. The intention was to highlight the current ongoing flux in the discipline, with things appearing as part of a whole, as well as conflicting and contradicting to the parallels/ contemporaries, titled hence as "Architecture Dialect(ic) - with a duality of meaning as [dialect - common language] and [dialectic - investigating into the opinions/ theories].


Images from the exhibition here

Follow this work on facebook https://www.facebook.com/groundresearch

Date Submitted: 8/10/2014

Opening Saturday 4th October 2014 until 4th January 2015

Full Details

Liam Young, of the AA's Diploma 6- Unknown Fields Division and think tank Tomorrows Thoughts Today will be premiering a new 3 screen projection work 'New City', a series of near future city skylines, for Future Fictions. Perspectives on worldbuilding at Z33 Gallery in Belgium.

The exhibition explores how contemporary artists, designers and architects relate to future thinking and imaging: from map-ping, questioning and criticizing, to developing complex visions about the structures and systems that may shape our life in the future. With these visions/fictions, Z33 wishes to shift the debate away from what is possible, plausible and probable towards what is preferable: Future Fictions there-fore is essentially a project about ideas and ideals, about dreams beyond hope and fear. Can we learn to critically assess the future visions presented? Which criteria would be valid in doing so? In other words, can we learn to become ‘future literate’? Other artists include Dunne & Raby, Atelier Van Lieshout, Near Future Laboratory and many more. Curated by Karen Verschooren.

Date Submitted: 2/10/2014

Betts Project, London's most recent architecture gallery, is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of the work of PIER VITTORIO AURELI. 'THE MARRIAGE OF REASON AND SQUALOR' is a set of 30 drawings produced by the architect and educator, Pier Vittorio Aureli, since 2001, as ongoing investigation into what, in the absence of a better definition, Aureli has called 'non-compositional architecture'. The concept itself comes from the art historian Yve-Alain Bois, who used the term – prompted by the ambitions of the constructivist Alexander Rodchenko – to categorise works that aspired to the abandonment of composition and even the self of the artist.

Aureli reinterprets this art history through the making of a set of drawings whose ordering principle, as far as possible, tries to deny all forms of subjective choice. And so each drawing begins as an exercise in constraint: starting always with a 50 x 50cm piece of paper, Aureli then draws in pencil and ink the schematic outline of a building plan without any specific programme. Instead, the drawing has to start with the simplest geometrical form (typically a square), and then continues to work out its further articulation from the logic of this initial form. The rules of the game are such that the organisation of plans and elevations must be the logical consequence of this first step. Similarly, all proportions, symmetries and internal relationships must also follow the originating form.


The title Aureli gives to the series – The Marriage of Reason and Squalor – is also a reference, to one of the strip paintings produced by Frank Stella in 1959, which alongside canonic works like The Black Square by Kazimir Malevich and the zip paintings by Barnet Newman, has been cited by Bois as further exemplars of the non- compositional.

Aureli has long been fascinated not only by the ideologies of these works, but their material and physical forms. To him, they evoke both the abstract motifs of various ancient buildings, and the generic character of more recent, and anonymous industrial architecture. To use another of Aureli's favoured analogies, in musical terms his drawings represent a point where Greek chours meets The Ramones.

PIER VITTORIO AURELI was born in Rome in 1973. He graduated in architecture at the IUAV in Venice and earned his PhD at the TU Delft in 2005. His main research focus is the relationship between architectural form, political theory and urban history. He teaches at the Architectural Association in London and is also Visiting Professor at Yale School of Architecture. Aureli has written many essays on architecture and the city, and is the author of several books, notably The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture (2011), The Project of Autonomy: Politics and Architecture within and Against Capitalism (2008), and is the editor of the recently published collection of essays The City as a Project (2014). Together with Martino Tattara he is the co-founder of the architectural office Dogma. Since its foundation Dogma has worked on the relationship between architecture and the city by focusing mostly on urban design and large-scale projects. In 2006 Dogma won the first Iakov Chernikhov Prize for the best emerging architectural practice. In 2013 an exhibition and accompanying catalogue, 'Dogma: 11 Projects' opened at the Architectural Association in London. Part of the Dogma archive of drawings and collages is in the collection of the FRAC Centre in Orleans.

About Betts Project:

Betts Project is a London-based gallery of architecture. Betts Project's concept is to introduce a specialist audience and the wider public to new ways of discovering and thinking about architecture, through the exhibition and promotion of materials that have been part of the concept and/or process of architecture. It aims to support and promote work by established and emerging international architects, as well as lesser known or overlooked practices still very much relevant to contemporary discourse. Betts Project is also driven by the desire to introduce architectural objects as works of art. To do so, it organises exhibitions for new and established audiences, and thereby brings unique collectable works to the market.


OPEN: 8 OCTOBER–1 NOVEMBER 2014 Tuesday–Saturday, 10am–6pm

Betts Project Architecture Gallery

1st Floor, 111–113 St. John Street,
London EC1V 4JA
+44 (0)7909 070611



Date Submitted: 1/10/2014

Las Pozas,Visiting School Mexico (Directors Umberto Bellardi Ricci, Carlos Matos in collaboration with Kanto Iwamura) "BETON MACHINE" exhibition opened Friday 19 September at Marso Galleria in Mexico City. The exhibition will showcase concrete pieces, wooden formworks, a film and processes developed during the experimental concrete workshop that took place this August in Edward James' tropical Las Pozas Gardens in Xilitla, Mexico.

Date Submitted: 23/9/2014

Sunday 05 October 2014 at 2pm


This cinematic journey through Lina Bo Bardi’s most important architectural projects in São Paulo and Salvador da Bahia poses the question of what remains of a person in the work they leave behind.

This film is an excellent insight into what leads to the timelessness quality of Bo Bardi's work.

Date Submitted: 23/9/2014

Blueprint issue 336 – 'Pick of the Graduate Shows 2014' – features Wangs's drawing, titled ' Main Axis - Space Elevator Roundabout' from his project, Lunar Special Economic Zone.

'The 2028 Mid August Day Lunar Mineral Parade is a speculative event which takes place in the newly formed Lunar Economic Zone, an administrative agglomeration of Shenzhen and the Moon, on August 15, 2028. Coordinated by Zhan Wang, the event is designed to be seen by the mechanical eyes of the world’s media and is an external projection of pomp and ceremony showcasing an emerging resource rich, technology advanced superpower. As the media frenzy descends on the city the world is invited to the grand parade that marks the first consignment of lunar minerals touching down on earth. The parade route takes spectators along the main axis of city from the 10000 meter tall space elevator to the mega ships of the world’s largest mineral port. As the world’s largest rare earth producer China currently controls 90% of the mineral market. Their recent limits placed upon mineral exports has artificially driven rare earth prices to unprecedented levels. Western nations are scrambling to find their own mineral deposits to counter the Chinese monopoly. Between documentary and fiction, between propaganda and news the Lunar ­­Economic Zone plays on our fears of a localised resource economy.'

Learn more about Wang's work on Projects Review 2014 website.

Diploma 6 Unit Brief 2014 

Date Submitted: 23/9/2014


Image: Zaha Hadid, The World (89 Degrees), 1984.

Date Submitted: 19/9/2014

Through The Plug Hole: Hidden Landscape
TESTBED 1, 15 - 18 October 2014

Catja de Haas will exhibit a gigantic peep-show box. The peep- show traditionally offered its audiences views to an idealized dream world. In the TESTBED installation however, the peepshow enclosure, a pristine white kitchen island, represents the ide- al; its gloss and whiteness masking the waste and chaos that it often takes to achieve perfection. The landscape that is looked at through the peeping holes is a surreal mix of chaos, loneli- ness and waste that undermines as well as questions the perfec- tion of its enclosure.

Catja de Haas is a practicing architect. born in the Nether- lands, with international experience and a PhD in architecture by design at the bartlett School of Architecture at UCL, she has presented and exhibited her work at the bartlett, the Architec- tural Association and the Chelsea College of Art and Design. This installation is a continuation of her exploration of domes- tic objects and their ambivalent relation to the private indi- vidual and society at large.

15 - 18 October 2014

TESTBED 1, 33 PARKGATE ROAD SW11 4NP, LONDON. www.testbed1.com

For more information contact CATJA DE HAAS

Press release
Giants Dolls House Flyer

Date Submitted: 18/9/2014

Fingers Crossed is a form-active structure designed by the Emergent Technologies and Design Programme (Emtech) at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in collaboration with Arup, TRADA, and Hanson Plywood for the London Design Festival 2014, hosted at Arup’s No. 8 Fitzroy Street offices. Built from 9 mm birch plywood and relying solely on friction, rather than metal connections, as a joining solution, Fingers Crossed both exploits and celebrates the material behaviour of wood. The project, initiated as a collaboration between students of architecture, professional engineers and the UK’s leading timber authority, seeks to express the bending capacity and joinery possibilities that timber provides by integrating structural and spatial performance into one elegant architectural solution.

Using both material and digital computational techniques, the design was developed using plywood sheets CNC-milled at the Architectural Association’s Digital Prototyping Lab with a variable pattern of interlocking fingers to create a series of articulated arches. Parametric modelling was used to achieve a feedback loop between geometrical and material studies and structural analysis provided by Arup structural engineers to design a pavilion with varied lighting effects and a playful, interactive landscape. This landscape, providing seating for visitors and organising circulation through the space, also performs structurally, lending stiffness at the base of the arch by locking it in place.

Fingers Crossed will be exhibited as part of the London Design Festival at Arup, 8 Fitzroy Street, W1T 4BQ from 13 September until 2 October. More information can be found at




After the London Design Festival, Fingers Crossed will be flat-packed and constructed again at Timber Expo 2014 at NEC, Birmingham.

Date Submitted: 16/9/2014

Kristina with ScanLAB are running the LT Ranch Space Project in Lithuania which is currently aiming to carefully dis-mantle, move, re-assemble and re-use a vernacular barn for and with students, artists and local people.

You can read a blog about the work and see images of the barn here.


Donate to the project via Kickstarter here.


Date Submitted: 9/9/2014

Evan Greenberg (Studio Master, AA Emtech Graduate Design) and Elif Erdine (PhD in Architectural Design Candidate) present their paper, titled “Computing the Urban Block: Local Climate Analysis and Design Strategies” in eCAADe 2014. The conference theme is Fusion: Data Integration at its Best. Hosted by Northumbria University, Newcastle, the conference will take place during 10 – 12 September 2014.


Date Submitted: 4/9/2014


The AA School in realtime



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