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  Date Name Title Run time
view 7/2/2007 BROOKS, Alison Alison Brooks Architects 107 mins
view 6/2/2007 SCHUMACHER, patrik Parametric Urbanism 105 mins
view 2/2/2007 BEHR, Bernd Performing Architecture 44 mins
view 1/2/2007 LAVIN, Sylvia Something Old, Something New 87 mins
view 1/2/2007 SASAKI, Mutsuro Morphogenesis of Flux Structure 66 mins
view 31/1/2007 BOUDET, Dominique OMAs Villa DallAva: A Clients Response 67 mins
view 30/1/2007 LIEBERMAN, Zachary The Systemis 80 mins
view 26/1/2007 SAGGIO, Antonino The Changing Notion of Time in Contemporary Cities: Crisis, Modernity and Information Technology 100 mins
view 25/1/2007 OOSTERHUIS, Kas ONLs Roadmap from Non-Standard to Interactive Architecture 96 mins
view 18/1/2007 BINET, Helene Photographic Works 1986-2007 56 mins
view 17/1/2007 VRIESENDORP, Madelon . . . and Friends Wonderful Things 86 mins
view 16/1/2007 KIRCHMANN, Michael The Bahrain Bay Development 83 mins

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