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  Date Name Title Run time
view 3/3/2010 CHADWICK, Aran; THOMAS, Neil/Atelier One Why Not - 1/2 140 mins
view 2/3/2010 MULLER, Lars Communicating Architecture 90 mins
view 1/3/2010 SPYROPOULOS, Stephen and Theodore, Minimaforms Enabling 85 mins
view 25/2/2010 COOK, Peter Stuff 3 as Rhetoric 80 mins
view 23/2/2010 SINCLAIR, Iain Ghost Milk (Calling Time on the Age of the Grand Project) 82 mins
view 22/2/2010 SCHLESINGER, Ariel Train-hopping and Reverse Engineering + Intervention 95 mins
view 19/2/2010 COUSINS, Mark The Neighbour: The Universal and the Remnant 8/10 67 mins
view 16/2/2010 DELL, Christopher/DRA Thinking Space Musically 58 mins
view 12/2/2010 COUSINS, Mark The Neighbour: On Behalf of the Community 7/10 57 mins
view 12/2/2010 BOTTOMS, Edward Presentations on the History of the Architectural Association 80 mins
view 12/2/2010 BOTTOMS, Ed AA Archives Preserving the Past for the Future 80 mins
view 12/2/2010 JAAR, Alfredo Artist Talk 95 mins

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