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  Date Name Title Run time
view 26/4/2010 LERUP, Lars How Blue The Sky Was 61 mins
view 29/4/2010 Frauke Stenz for Massimiliano Fuksas Lost in translation 30 60 mins
view 7/5/2010 Marjan Colletti, Nigel Coates, Ziah Fogel, Zaha Hadid, Andrew Jones, Lebbeus Woods, coord Ricardo de Ostos & Tobias Klein Rendering Speculations Symposium 300 mins
view 11/5/2010 RUTTEN, David Computing Architectural Concepts 90 mins
view 14/5/2010 LATHOURI, Marina AA City Cultures 330 mins
view 21/5/2010 MARTIN, Reinhold Architecture and its Past Symposium 1/9: 'Professional Histories' 130 mins
view 21/5/2010 Panel with Mark Campbell, Jeff Kipnis, Mark Cousins, Mollie Claypool, Ryan Dillon, Jack Self, Eleanor Dodman. Architecture and its past Symposium 9/9. 300 mins
view 21/5/2010 WEIZMAN, Eyal Architecture and its Past Symposium 5/9: ‘Forensic Architecture' 88 mins
view 3/6/2010 Rem Koolhaas, Brett Steele, Shumon Basar and Todd Reisz in Conversation Al Manakh: Gulf Continued 97 mins
view 8/10/2010 GARCIA, David A Manual of Architectural Possibilities by David Garcia Studio 70 mins
view 12/10/2010 HOUBEN, Francine Dutch Mountains 90 mins
view 13/10/2010 SHORE, Stephen Photography and the Limits of Representation 90 mins

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