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  Date Name Title Run time
view 17/2/2012 TARON, Josh Speculative Structures: Structurally Intelligent Swarms Research, co-hosted by DRL and EmTech Graduate Programmes 98 mins
view 17/2/2012 Fredrik Lund with Per-Ingolf Skaare Conversations with an Encircled Point 65 mins
view 20/2/2012 VIDLER, Anthony Troubles in Theory: The state of the art from townscape to datascape 88 mins
view 20/2/2012 Stelarc Circulating Flesh: The Cadaver, the Comatose and the Chimera 95 mins
view 21/2/2012 PORTA, Eloy Fernandez My Subculture Produces More Sentimental Capital Than Yours: On feeling rules and masculinity codes in alternative cultures 97 mins
view 22/2/2012 Sharp Sparks: AA Students History and Theory Told from the Stage 62 mins
view 23/2/2012 Helen & Hard – Reinhard Kropf Designing Fabrication series organised by Alan Dempsey 77 mins
view 24/2/2012 ENO, Brian ‘Perhaps it’s an attempt to answer the huge unanswered question, the dirty secret of the art world: what is art actually for?’ 75 mins
view 27/2/2012 BAIER, Franz Xaver Spatial existence and architecture, organised by First Year Studio staff 55 mins
view 27/2/2012 Chris Salter, Enabling Guest Lecturer Series Entangled Organised by Theo Spyropoulos 97 mins
view 28/2/2012 Alexander d’Hooghe and Luk Peeters Suburban Formology: Forms to organise infrastructural logistics, hosted by Chris Lee 85 mins
view 2/3/2012 SALA, Anri Artist Talks Series organised by Parveen Adams 97 mins

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