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  Date Name Title Run time
view 11/12/1975 COOK, Peter Melting Architecture 159 mins
view 7/2/2014 Type vs Typology Organised by Projective Cities 2/2 160 mins
view 16/3/2006 Michael Hensel, George Jeronimidis, Michael Weinstock Techniques and Technologies in Morphogenetic Design Symposium 1/3 161 mins
view 17/3/2006 Christopher Hight, Michael Hensel, Achim Menges Differentiated Structures in Nature and Design 2/3 168 mins
view 20/2/2015 Organised by Kostas Grigoriadis Future Matters: The Imminent Reality of Multi-materiality 169 mins
view 1/1/1985 BUNSCHOTEN, Raoul Student Recordings of the Site 17 mins
view 31/10/1975 SMITHSON, Alison A Line Of Tree....A Steel Structure 17 mins
view 29/11/1999 Colquhoun, Alan and John MILLER Recent Work 17 mins
view 29/4/2010 ROCHE, Francois Ecosophical Apparatus and Skizoïd Machines 2/2 17 mins
view 16/3/2006 Robert Aish, Hugh Whitehead, Achim Menges Techniques and Technologies in Morphogenetic Design Symposium 2/3 171 mins
view 13/11/2015 Pier Vittorio Aureli, Fabrizio Ballabio, Peggy Deamer, Fabrizio Gallanti, Maria S. Giudici, Peer Ilner, Francesco Marullo, Andreas Rumpfhuber Architecture and Labour - 2/3 172 mins
view 10/2/2016 Contemporary Urban Design Education Symposium Organised by Sam Jacoby - Part 1 173 mins

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