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  Date Name Title Run time
view 6/10/2011 Ila Berman, Jonathan Soloman, Jane Bury, Wolf Mangelsdorf, Sophie Le-Bourva, Benjamin Koren, Fabian Scheuer, R.Harman, Anna Winstanley, Bill Zahner X-CHANGE / Independents’ Group Conference - Organised by Alan Dempsey and Jeroen van Ameijde 360 mins
view 10/5/2013 GRID PhD Event 365 mins
view 11/7/2011 Unknown Fields: From the Atomic to the Cosmic Summer 2011 Trajectory Public Forum 1 Introductions 37 mins
view 24/11/1995 COSGROVE, Denis Space for Landscape 37 mins
view 5/5/2012 The Library is on Fire Part 3.1/Tracking Shot: Seminar and screenings, Michael Brooke 37 mins
view 8/12/1990 EISENMAN, Peter Symposium on the city: Alvin Boyarsky Memorial Event 2/6 37 mins
view 11/3/2011 AA Symposium Patrik Schumacher and Charles Jenks Debating Fundamentals: Probing the Autopoiesis of Architecture 37 mins
view 26/4/2013 Choreographing the.. Organised and hosted by Takako Hasegawa 379 mins
view 2/5/2014 Amanda Reekie, Leanne Tritton and Laura Iloniemi MISS presents WORKSHOP #1: How To Start an Office? 38 mins
view 12/12/2014 Organised by Elif Erdine and Ali Farzaneh Algorithms & Actualisation 380 mins
view 29/11/1999 LIBEDINSKY, Carlos et al Buenos Aires: The Architecture of the Architectural Teachers 39 mins
view 6/7/1976 VENTURI, Robert & Denise SCOTT BROWN THE RALLY 4/23 39 mins

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