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  Date Name Title Run time
view 12/7/2013 Hobsbawm Format FORMAT Issue 3 69 mins
view 21/2/1996 KOLBOWSKI, Silvia Forms of Critique 82 mins
view 12/2/1996 HIRST, Paul Fortification as Architecture 59 mins
view 28/1/1994 VARIOUS Foyer(s) 110 mins
view 18/3/1987 EVANS, Robin Fragmentation and Ambiguity 64 mins
view 22/11/2008 Brian Hatton, Robert Maxwell Francis Bacon: Space and Surface 1/3 91 mins
view 22/11/2008 James Cahill, Martin Hammer Francis Bacon: Space and Surface 2/3 68 mins
view 22/11/2008 John Maybury, Nigel Coates Francis Bacon: Space and Surface 3/3 97 mins
view 28/4/2015 Iain Jackson From Croydon to Chandigarh: Jane Drew and the creation of Tropical Modernism 87 mins
view 1/12/2011 LOWENTHAL, David From Eden to Earth Day: Landscape Restoration as Mission and Metaphor 88 mins
view 3/5/1995 Mark Cousins, Andrew Wilson, Adrian Searle From Here 1/2 84 mins
view 3/5/1995 David Batchelor, Karsten Schubert, Michael Craig-Martin, Fiona Rae, Gary Hume, Glen Brown From Here 2/2 65 mins

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