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  Date Name Title Run time
view 28/2/2014 Mark Cousins Scenography 60 mins
view 7/3/2014 Mark Cousins Scenography 51 mins
view 25/10/2013 Mark Cousins Scenography 55 mins
view 1/11/2013 Mark Cousins Scenography 50 mins
view 11/2/2011 COUSINS, Mark Scenography: Technology and the First Person Singular 60 mins
view 26/2/2009 STEELE, Brett School Meeting 46 mins
view 27/10/2010 STEELE, Brett School Presentation October 27th 2010 55 mins
view 9/3/2010 GRAY, John Science and Magic – What Technology Can and Can't Fix 124 mins
view 22/1/2014 Mark Burry Scratching the Surface of Parametric Design Possibility 90 mins
view 7/2/2013 Harry Mallgrave Semper, Animism, and Embodied Simulation 61 mins
view 30/1/2013 PLUS Session 1: Action and Reaction 103 mins
view 13/2/2013 PLUS Session 2: Environment 114 mins

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