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  Date Name Title Run time
view 6/12/1996 EVANS, Cerith Wyn In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumi Mur Igni 59 mins
view 21/1/1987 EVANS, Robin Centrality & The Right-Angle 106 mins
view 11/2/1987 EVANS, Robin Proportion: Corbusier, His Modulor and His Buildings 123 mins
view 11/3/1987 EVANS, Robin Abstraction in Painting, Architecture, Mathematics 70 mins
view 18/3/1987 EVANS, Robin Fragmentation and Ambiguity 64 mins
view 20/1/1976 FARRELL, Terry/GRIMSHAW, Nicholas Lecture 70 mins
view 31/10/2011 FAT in conversation with Charles Jencks Launch of AD, jointly edited by FAT and Charles Jencks 153 mins
view 24/5/1984 FEHN, Sverre John Dennys Memorial Lecture 107 mins
view 2/11/1995 FERNANDEZ, Keith/Peter CLEGG Breathable Buildings 59 mins
view 21/3/2011 FEZER, Jesko Design Problem Reality 68 mins
view 13/2/2012 FINCH, Paul Where Do We Go From Here? Architecture and Education Series organised by Mark Cousins 100 mins
view 27/2/1996 FISHER, Mark There is no Theory only Practice: A Slide Show about Rock and Roll 85 mins

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