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  Date Name Title Run time
view 11/3/1992 ST JOHN WILSON, Colin James Stirling Memorial at the AA 2/2 54 mins
view 18/11/2013 Guillaume Sibaud / Triptyque Tropical Experience 54 mins
view 9/3/2012 COUSINS, Mark The Poetics of Cliché 54 mins
view 11/4/1991 BENSON, Gordon & FORSYTH, Alan Convention and Invention 54 mins
view 15/6/1975 JONES, Gareth Gareth Jones Discussion 1/2 54 mins
view 1/1/1976 OTTO, Frei Cities, Centres, New Forms for Living 55 mins
view 29/10/2010 COUSINS, Mark Technology and the First Person Singular: Inscription and Spacing 55 mins
view 27/10/2010 STEELE, Brett School Presentation October 27th 2010 55 mins
view 6/3/1975 PRICE, Cedric Architectural Magazines/Has the Architectural Profession a Future? 55 mins
view 3/11/2004 ALLFORD, Simon Architectural Education Symposium: Accreditation 55 mins
view 19/11/2009 WIGLEY, Mark; STEELE, Brett; COUSINS, Mark Elastic Pedagogies 1/2 55 mins
view 11/11/2011 COUSINS, Mark The Poetics of Cliché: Friday Lecture Series 55 mins

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