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  Date Name Title Run time
view 2/12/1998 CHELTSOF, Andre The Russians - Nostalgia of Culture 2/2 14 mins
view 3/3/2010 CHADWICK, Aran; THOMAS, Neil/Atelier One Why Not 140 mins
view 19/4/2010 JENCKS, Charles The Architecture of Hope 140 mins
view 5/11/1981 FOSTER, Norman At the ACA 141 mins
view 7/12/2010 SCHUMACHER, Patrik The Autopoiesis of Architecture 142 mins
view 9/2/1976 COOK, Peter/PRICE, Cedric Edinburgh Lectures 2/2 142 mins
view 10/3/2001 Tim Benton, Fernando Prez Oyarzn, Hilde Heynen, Charles Jencks Le Corbusier: The Architecture Of Reinvention 1/3 142 mins
view 7/11/2005 NOVAK, Marcos Transvergence 143 mins
view 17/3/2006 Chris Williams, Wolf Mangelsdorf, Michael Cook Differentiated Structures in Nature and Design 1/3 145 mins
view 12/2/1976 ERSKINE, Ralph Architects on Architecture 147 mins
view 2/5/2008 Kris Mun, Liam Ross, Nerma Cridge, Doreen Bernath, Theo Spyropoulos The Critique of the New: Questioning the Legitimisation of Newness through Technology 3/5 147 mins
view 11/3/2010 COHEN, Jean Louis Architecture Drafted: Designing for World War II 147 mins

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