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  Date Name Title Run time
view 13/3/2009 DIAZ ALONSO, Hernan and Brett STEELE Roundtable Discussion 68 mins
view 19/3/2009 CERO9: Cristina Diaz Moreno and Efren Garcia Grinda Red Candies 68 mins
view 21/3/2011 FEZER, Jesko Design Problem Reality 68 mins
view 24/3/2011 EVANS, Caroline The Ontology of the Fashion Model 68 mins
view 12/7/2013 Hobsbawm Format FORMAT Issue 3 69 mins
view 8/2/2001 ACKERMAN, James The Origins of Architectural Photography 69 mins
view 25/3/2011 RENDELL, Jane 'Site Writing' at Symposium: Writing and Critical Thinking in Architecture (1) 69 mins
view 20/2/2006 ANDRASEK, Alisa Material Potency: Probabilistic Programming 69 mins
view 24/11/2006 ABE, Hitoshi Architecture From Boundary Surface 69 mins
view 19/2/2013 Philippe Block Stone Skins: New Masonry Shells 70 mins
view 19/11/2010 COUSINS, Mark Technology and the First Person Singular: Neighbours Without Proximity 70 mins
view 4/2/2009 COOK, Peter How to be an Old Architect 70 mins

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