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  Date Name Title Run time
view 28/2/1996 MATEO, Josep Luis Ideas and Buildings 67 mins
view 27/2/1996 FISHER, Mark There is no Theory only Practice: A Slide Show about Rock and Roll 85 mins
view 27/2/1996 SCHEEHAN, T Technical Studies: Plastics 63 mins
view 26/2/1996 BENJAMIN, Andrew Building Philosophy: Towards a Theory of Architecture 93 mins
view 22/2/1996 FOSTER, Norman Recent Work 91 mins
view 21/2/1996 KOLBOWSKI, Silvia Forms of Critique 82 mins
view 20/2/1996 FRAMPTON, Kenneth Jorn Utzon: Transcultural Form and Tectonic Metaphor 93 mins
view 20/2/1996 MONK, Bill Concrete 87 mins
view 19/2/1996 CARL, Peter The Philosopher Dog 80 mins
view 17/2/1996 FISHER, Mark; COUSINS, Mark Architecture and the Labour Government 1/3 78 mins
view 17/2/1996 Jeremy Melvin, Andrew Saint, Katherine Shonfield Architecture and the Labour Government 2/3 117 mins
view 17/2/1996 Paul Hirst, Paul Hyett Architecture and the Labour Government 3/3 98 mins

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