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  Date Name Title Run time
view 13/10/1997 WILSON, Peter Presence, Absence and Mass - Further Interventions in the Eurolandschaft 108 mins
view 21/7/1997 KIPNIS, Jeff Stuff that Ive Been Thinking About and Doing 92 mins
view 19/6/1997 KUROKAWA, Kisho Abstract Symbolism 93 mins
view 12/6/1997 PARRY, Eric City and Substance 88 mins
view 3/6/1997 FOSTER, Hal The Structural Impulse 71 mins
view 3/6/1997 COHEN, Jean-Louis Amerikanismus 86 mins
view 21/5/1997 JENCKS, Charles Redesigning the Universe 115 mins
view 16/5/1997 COUSINS, Mark Conservation 14/15 50 mins
view 12/5/1997 DESVINGE, Michel From Gardens to Territories 93 mins
view 6/5/1997 OLIVER, Paul By, Of, and For: vernacular prepositions 95 mins
view 2/5/1997 COUSINS, Mark Conservation: The Reversal Of Time 13/15 67 mins
view 25/4/1997 Chrissie Iles, Michael Newman, Judith Goddard Architecture 2: Repetition 2/2 97 mins

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