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  Date Name Title Run time
view 28/4/1998 XIAO, K.D.K, XIAO, M.D.M., XIAO, D.D.X New Architecture in East Asia 2/2 32 mins
view 5/4/1998 XENAKIS, Iannis Order and Chaos 97 mins
view 24/3/1998 SAUNT, Deborah Double Action 45 mins
view 23/3/1998 WAGNER, George Structuring Practices in the 1950s - Architecture, Art and the Markets of Desire 82 mins
view 20/3/1998 GOODING, Mel Writing Art 72 mins
view 18/3/1998 ANDREWS, John Raising DEEP SPACE 50 mins
view 16/3/1998 MULDER, Bert Virtual and Physical Networks 93 mins
view 13/3/1998 BATCHELOR, David Chromaphobia And How To Recognize It 75 mins
view 11/3/1998 DE LANDA, Manuel A Thousand Years of Non-linear History 80 mins
view 11/3/1998 GRIMSHAW, Nicholas Global Responsibility 75 mins
view 7/3/1998 WARD, David Invisible Cities 66 mins
view 6/3/1998 GILLICK, Liam Big Conference Centre 57 mins

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