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  Date Name Title Run time
view 21/10/2014 Mark Pimlott, Tony Fretton Propositions for things and places / Buildings and their Territories 100 mins
view 20/10/2014 Giles Price Mega Projects - People and the Place 44 mins
view 16/10/2014 Sam Jacob A Clockwork Jerusalem: Planning and the British Psyche 72 mins
view 13/10/2014 Julia King, Asif Khan In conversation 58 mins
view 18/7/2014 Travis Jeppesen, Omar Kholeif Chelsea Manning FORMAT 66 mins
view 16/7/2014 Brett Steele, Shumon Basar A. R. Chitect FORMAT 102 mins
view 10/7/2014 Naomi Blager, Madelon Vriesendorp Lina Bo Bardi FORMAT 99 mins
view 8/7/2014 Songs by Tamara Barnett-Herrin Kurt Cobain FORMAT 67 mins
view 14/5/2014 Organised Mollie Claypool, Kate Davies, Alison Moffett. AAXX Launch Event 98 mins
view 7/5/2014 Jeffrey Inaba and Liam Young Episodes in Pipes and Architecture 99 mins
view 2/5/2014 Amanda Reekie, Leanne Tritton and Laura Iloniemi MISS presents WORKSHOP #1: How To Start an Office? 38 mins
view 1/5/2014 BERNARD TSCHUMI Concept and Notation 87 mins

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