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  Date Name Title Run time
view 23/1/2015 Jason Kelly Johnson A City of Intelligent Machines 70 mins
view 22/1/2015 John Frazer An Evolutionary Architecture Reassessed 72 mins
view 21/1/2015 Jan Knippers Biological Design and Integrative Structures 60 mins
view 20/1/2015 Professor Brian Ford The Empirical Tradition and Innovation in Architecture 87 mins
view 19/1/2015 Ruurd Gietema Pulling Strings Only When Things Go Wrong 120 mins
view 16/1/2015 Mark Cousins The Gesture: Gesture & Rhetoric 60 mins
view 16/1/2015 Stefano Rabolli Pansera and Jonida Turani in discussion with Adrian Paci, Edi Hila and Edi Rama, Prime Minister of Albania Potential Monuments of Unrealised Futures 36 mins
view 15/1/2015 Francesca Hughes The Architecture of Error: Matter, Measure and the Misadventures of Precision 83 mins
view 12/12/2014 Organised by Elif Erdine and Ali Farzaneh Algorithms & Actualisation 380 mins
view 9/12/2014 Max Kahlen, Chris Dyvik A kitchen table, a small-house, a foyer, a twin-house, a warehouse and artist studio. 60 mins
view 8/12/2014 Vittorio Lampugnani The Craft of Urban Design, reinvented. 90 mins
view 6/12/2014 Mouffe in conversation with Aureli, Martin, Weizman and Whiting How is Architecture Political? 244 mins

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