Student Assistantships

Student assistantships are designed for registered full-time undergraduate and graduate students to work in different departments of the School as part of the School’s commitment to offering financial support to its students. The number of hours students are permitted to work inside of term time have been limited to a maximum of 10 hours per week in order to allow the School to provide assistance to as many students as possible.


Students must have a National Insurance number before being taken on by any AA department for work.

Should a department wish to employ a student, the Head of Department should ensure that the student has been authorised to work by HR. The Head of Department must ensure that students should not begin working until this process has been completed and failure to do so may result in disciplinary action as this is a serious breach of Immigration Law. The AA will not pay students for work undertaken before their work permissions are confirmed.

Students will need to complete and submit the Student Assistantship Personal Details Form and Student Bank Details Form to HR before any work is undertaken.

List of currently available jobs:

AA Print Centre

If you are interested please come and see Photios in the Print Centre Office between 10am-6pm. Only new applicants need apply.


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