This is a comprehensive list of lectures at the AA. Most lectures are available online here or on DVD from the photolibrary. Online lectures can be seen here.

  Date Name Title Run time
view 10/2/2001 Paul Hirst, featuring Neil Leach, Katharina Borsi, Brian Hatton, Noel Daniel. German Architecture and its Changing Past 60 mins
view 1/1/1974 WALDEN, R. and FRAMPTON, K. Le Corbusier Symposium 2/3 ARTNET 60 mins
view 1/1/1974 FRAMPTON, K. and SARIN, M. Le Corbusier Symposium 3/3 ARTNET 60 mins
view 8/2/2012 AA Community Cluster Open Discussion 60 mins
view 26/10/2010 Peter Ahrends, Richard Burton and Paul Koralek ABK: Threads and Connections 60 mins
view 16/10/2008 NIERMANN, Ingo and Nikolaus HIRSCH The Great Pyramid: A Tomb For All Of Us 61 mins
view 7/2/2005 WARD, David Face to Face - Looking at Paintings 61 mins
view 26/10/2004 KIPNIS, Jeff Architectural Education Symposium: My Thoughts on . . . Architectural Education 61 mins
view 11/3/2009 LAMBERT, Phylis; WEHN-DAMISCH, Teri Citizen Lambert: Joan of Architecture 61 mins
view 13/5/2002 AZUMI, Shin and Tomoko Simplicity and Surprise 61 mins
view 26/4/2010 LERUP, Lars How Blue The Sky Was 61 mins
view 10/12/2000 SALECL, Renata Psychoanalysis and Space 6/13 61 mins

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