Maria Paez Gonzalez
Position:Course Lecturer
Bio: Maria Paez Gonzalez is a Venezuelan architect based in London, practicing independently and currently as an associate in the firm Foster+Partners. She is also a researcher and consultant at the Architectural Association, currently directing Tropicality Visiting School Research Programme. Back home she is a founding member of Fundacion HCGB created to promote and preserve the architectural heritage of the city of Coro, a Unesco world heritage site. Maria’s research is focused on design methodologies, domesticity and contemporary dwelling practices, feminist theories and architectural typology.
John Palmesino
Unit/Programme:Diploma 4
Position:Unit Master
Bio: John Palmesino is an architect and urbanist and founder of Territorial Agency, an independent organization that promotes and works for sustainable territorial transformations, combining analysis, contemporary architecture and urbanism, advocacy and action. His work focuses on the transformations of the relation between polities and space. Projects include ‘The Coast of Europe’ – a multi-year research on the urbanization processes of the European project, ‘North’ – an investigation in contemporary forms of geopolitics, sovereignty and resources exploitation in the Arctic. He is co-author of the ‘Anthropocene Observatory’ and the ‘Museum of Oil’. He directs the AA Think Tank, a research center at the AA Architectural Association in London, where he also convenes Diploma unit 4. John is researching the spatial consequences of neutrality for his Phd. He is a founding member of multiplicity.
Igor Pantic
Position:Course Lecturer
Dominic Papa
Unit/Programme:Housing and Urbanism
Position:Course Consultant
Bio: Dominic Papa graduated from the Architectural Association in 1991. He was a senior design associate at one of Europe’s leading architectural practices for 6 years before co-founding S333 Architecture + Urbanism in Amsterdam in 1997. With increasing work in the UK, Dominic co-founded S333 Architecture + Urbanism Ltd in London in 2005. The studio’s experience as an Anglo-Dutch practice has been honed in the Netherlands with wider European experience in Germany, France and Belgium. The culture of ‘enlightened pragmatism’ in the Netherlands that has combined experimentation with practical delivery remains a driving force in its approach. This is particularly applicable to many of the issues that the practice helps clients resolve in the dense urban fabric of UK towns and cities. S333 has an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach founded on integrated, joined-up thinking, working seamlessly across the different scales of architecture, masterplanning and place making. ‘Architecture at an urban scale and urbanism at an architectural scale’ S333 has been recognized specifically for their work where architecture and urban design meet and how typology supports the formation and sustainability of neighbourhoods, urban quarters, and communities.
Jessica Pappalardo
Position:Course Lecturer
Elena Pascolo
Unit/Programme:Housing and Urbanism
Position:Studio Master

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