This is a comprehensive list of lectures at the AA. Most lectures are available online here or on DVD from the photolibrary. Online lectures can be seen here.

  Date Name Title Run time
view 13/5/2011 VILLANUEVA BRANDT, Carlos The City as Creative Energy 90 mins
view 10/5/2011 John Stezaker The Potential in Meaning LECTURE CANCELLED 0 mins
view 6/5/2011 Sharp Prize for Excellence in Writing Poetics and Polemics 0 mins
view 3/5/2011 PIZZIGONI, Vittorio The Energy of Mies van der Rohe 0 mins
view 18/4/2011 Istanbul Visiting School Symposium Vertical Urbanity / Düşey Kentsellik 0 mins
view 10/4/2011 Shin Egashira, Rubens Azedevo, Mehran Gharleghi Furnishing the Landscape: Maeda Twisting Concrete Workshop at Hooke Park 0 mins
view 10/4/2011 AA Interprofessional Studio Performance Exquisite Corpse, Matadero Madrid 0 mins
view 1/4/2011 Red Revolution End-of-term Party 0 mins
view 29/3/2011 CUNNINGHAM, David Capitalism and the Concept of Metropolis History & Critical Thinking Debates 0 mins
view 28/3/2011 HEMMING, Henry Together: How Small Groups Achieve Big Things 0 mins
view 26/3/2011 Sue Barr and Dr David Heathcote Photographing Modernism: Golden Lane and The Barbican Two-day workshop 0 mins
view 26/3/2011 Edward Bottoms and Samantha Hardingham Members' Event: Meet the Curators Brunch and Private Talks 0 mins

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